So — is Roger Merdith saying the Montross Tea Party wants to interfere with elections??

Here’s a bit of information copied DIRECTLY from the Montross Tea Party Facebook page.  The individual identified as “Rodger” is Roger Meredith.  All dates are 2017.

Members and Friends,

We met on the 24th of January and had a pizza party to celebrate the inauguration of our President Donald Trump. We had 13 members present. We enjoyed the pizza and stories about the inauguration.

Rodger read the many accomplishments of the Montross TEA Party. Here are a few of our accomplishments.

1 Became THE source for conservative workers in local elections.
2 Became the major source for conservative letters to local papers.
3 Reached directly to the public with two highway signs.
4 Held annual ceremony honoring veterans on Memorial Day. This is now a tradition.
5 Disseminated hundreds of Constitutions at fairs and parades.
6 Helped elect conservative as Chairman of 1st District Republican Committee.
7 Sponsored forum for Republican candidates seeking nomination for 99th District Delegate.

For our business part of the meeting we discussed the future of the Montross TEA Party. Everyone present was in favor of continuing MTP, but only having meetings when necessary. We will keep our members informed by email and facebook of any items that may be of interest to our membership and of any meetings scheduled. The Board will meet periodically and will announce the meetings by email and facebook. These meetings are open to any member to attend. If any member who has a concern or item that they would like to bring before the membership they can contact a board-member. We will still support our Memorial Day Observance.

We also by unanimous vote adopted the revised By-Laws that reflect the above changes. These were sent out to the membership in December.

MTP Board of Directors

Notice his number 1 accomplishment in which he states the Montross Tea Party  ”  Became THE source for conservative workers in local elections.

This needs some clarification.  Does he mean the MTP is THE source of conservatives who stand outside the polling places and hand out campaign literature on election day, or, does he mean the MTP is THE source of Officers of Election who actually operate the polling places?

If it’s the former — that is, people who stand outside the polling places on election day and hand out campaign literature — that’s one thing.  HOWEVER, if ol’ Roger thinks that “conservatives” serving as official Officers of  Election, working inside the polls with pollbooks, voters, voting machines, tallies, etc. will be able to influence the outcome of elections, then, ol’ Roger needs to move to Moscow where his election-tampering will be welcome.

Of course, as anyone who has been around Roger for any length of time will tell you, he’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

On another matter — notice the MTP changed their bylaws to hold meetings only when called by the Board of Directors.   This action by the MTP makes the following of their Facebook posts even more telling.

Members of the Montross Tea Party,

According to our By-Laws in March we are to send out an email to invite any member who would like to serve on the Board of Directors to summit their names.

This is that email.

If you are interested in being on the Board of Directors or know someone who would be interested in serving on the Board. We want you!! Please contact a Board member or send us a email. You can also let us know at the meeting on April 4th.

Thank you!

So — the MTP will meet only when a meeting is called by the Board of Directors . . . but they can’t find anyone to serve on the Board.

Hmmmm.  Can anyone spell D E F U N CT ????