Rightwing wackadoodles plan to hang around schools to protect them from lunatics with guns . Hmmmmm . . . .

Hello, little girl – – – I’m here to protect you from a weird man with a gun.

Courtesy of TPM: 

Imagine if every school campus in the United States had its own volunteer security officer: a former police officer or military veteran equipped with an assault rifle. 

That’s the dream of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes. 

In the wake of the February 14 massacre at a Parkland, Florida high school, Rhodes is calling on members of his far-right anti-government militia group to serve as unpaid and unaccountable armed school guards — whether teachers and students like the idea or not. 

One Indiana Oath Keeper has already deployed to a local school, even though the school district says there’s no need for him to be there. 

Rhodes wants the military and police veterans who make up Oath Keepers’ membership to volunteer for unpaid, rotating shifts at schools of all levels, and colleges, throughout the country. He and two other representatives of the fringe militia community will hold a webinar Monday night where they plan to encourage Oath Keepers to station themselves at schools “to protect the children against mass murder, and to help train the teachers and staff.” 

“I think it’s essential,” Rhodes told TPM in a Monday phone call. “It’s part of our responsibility to do what we can.”

Of all of the unbelievably stupid ideas I have heard this week, this might be the worst.

Some of these Rambo wannabes are just about as unhinged as the school shooters themselves, and having them racing into a school building full of children with their weapon drawn every time a car backfires is a terrifying thought.

And can you imagine the police showing up and finding TWO individuals in the school building, carrying assault weapon carrying, decked out in camouflage clothing? Who would they shoot first?

SWEETJESUS these people are industrial grade stupid.