Let’s compare . . .

This is what makes black people angry:

  • Purposely poisoned water in Flint, Michigan
  • 300 years of lynching, beating, slavery
  • Cops shooting unarmed black men with a cell phone in their hands

This is what makes TeaPublicans angry:

  • Jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eye makeup

Trump loses it . . . he’s gone batshit bonkers . . . off the rails

Did anyone watch his speech at his rally last night?

He was more disjointed and angrier than ever. He attacked everyone. Debbie Stabenow, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Senator Tester, all the Democrats, James Comey, the FBI, Putin and on and on and on!

Like Mussolini, with his jaw jutting into the air, he was his best dictator self.

The pressure has gotten to him. He is about to blow. And when he does, he will do something spectacularly stupid. We can only imagine what that might be.

He accused the Democrats of colluding with the Russians and the FBI. He bragged about how the House Intelligence Committee had cleared him of all the charges that have been made. He bragged about how he had “everything” to do with the Korean leaders getting together and finally signing a peace treaty to end the Korean War. Clearly, he expects to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

He even talked about the Russian lawyer who attended the meeting in the Trump Tower and whose emails have shown that she is working with the Russian government all along. That is when he blamed Putin. He said Putin was only trying to create more chaos in our country, indicating that he was conscious of the chaos he has already created.

If the country was not already divided enough, he divided it even more. He was very fearful of impeachment but said a lot of people would be “unhappy” if he were impeached, as if he was ready to bring it all down if something like that happened. It sounded like blackmail. He believes he is holding our country hostage and there is nothing we can do about it.

Okay, you TeaPublicans: STFD and STFU

At last night’s Correspondents Dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf unloaded on Trump, Sarah Hickabee Sanders, and a few other rightwing halfwits.  As expected, the rightwing noise machine is all OHMYGOD SHUT HER UP SHE’S TRAMPLING ON OUR RIGHTS!!!!

Here’s a news flash for those of you who are attacking Wolf:  Go fuck yourselves.

You said not a word for eight years when Trump and damn near every other Republican claimed President Obama was not born in the US.  You said not w word when Republicans passed around emails with photoshopped photos of President Obama as a witch doctor.  You laughed and applauded when President Obama was attacked for wearing a tan suit and when Michelle Obama was slammed for wearing a dress with bare sleeves.

Here are a few examples of what you assholes did for eight years.

Image result for tea party rally photos     Related image

Well, folks, now it’s your turn.  Get over it, sitthefuckdown and shutthefuckup.

No one who voted for Trump has the right to be “offended” by Michelle Wolf’s routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Especially since they’re the very people who willfully imposed Trump and trumpism on our body politic for fame and fortune.

What Michelle Wolf did last night was that she held up a mirror to all of these people, so they could gaze upon the lies, crassness and ugliness within. Did you expect —  to be congratulated? Praised? Coddled? Fuck that, you’re adults and you know what you did. It’s about time that you sit back, shut the fuck up and face the music for once in your pathetic lives.

And all of this happened just as Trump was continuing his shit show in Michigan.

So what the fuck did you people expect after witnessing the last two years of bullshit? If anything Michelle Wolf let you off easy by not mentioning the fact that treason and the enabling of treason has not only put us into this mess, but it also prevents us from punishing the traitors.

There you were, sitting around in your fancy outfits, drinking and dining sociably, while this country is being undermined by a foreign power and its puppet in the Oval Office. THAT’S offensive.

So, no. you don’t get to be offended because Michelle Wolf had the bravery and the temerity of putting into proper perspective the state of affairs that you aided and abetted by promoting Donald Jackass Trump.

The mere fact that Trump was a mere thirty minutes away from Flint last night and all he did last night was to tell lies and massage his own ego was a testament to the fact that everything that Michelle Wolf said had to be said. If it made you uncomfortable, go fuck yourself.

Bravo to Michelle Wolf, a real American hero.

Donald Trump: “The mob takes the Fifth.”

Donald Trump’s (sometimes) attorney Michael Cohen has asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the criminal case against him in the U.S. Southern District of New York.

Now seems like the perfect time to look back at what President Big Mouth had to say about the Fifth Amendment during the campaign. He made it a central issue at numerous events and even a debate with Hillary Clinton.

“The mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

Here’s roughly 60 seconds of Donald Trump and his take on the Fifth Amendment. Roll tape!

Of course, Trump is right . . . his lawyer is taking the Fifth because he represents Trump’s criminal enterprise.

No, you Tea Party fools, Trump does not have dirt on John Tester

Trump just said that he “knows things” about John Tester- that if he spilled it, “he’d never get elected again”.

Trump knows nothing, there is nothing to know and we’ve seen him use this bullshit before.

By stating it as fact, his supporters will now view Tester as dirty, if only Trump reveals the dope.

Trump did the same on the campaign when he said he had investigators in Hawaii looking at Obama’s birth certificate, “and you wouldn’t believe what they’re finding!” Of course we never heard anymore about those “facts” he “uncovered,” and he’s used this tactic over and over since.  This time, he doesn’t have Russians hacking Tester’s emails and sending him the results.

GOP running scared because Trump doesn’t care about mid-term elections

The upcoming elections this fall look to be among the most nationalized congressional races in history. Republicans have looked at each loss or near loss of the special election season and attempted to rationalize big blue swings by finding something “special” about each candidate. Something they don’t believe Democrats can recreate on a national basis. The truth is, there is something special about Democratic candidates—they don’t support Donald Trump. And neither does the public. Unable to find any center or principle other than whatever appears on Twitter during “executive time,” Republicans can only bite their lips and hope that the polls are wrong, the press is wrong, and their rapidly fleeing colleagues are wrong.

And leading them in this delusion, is Donald Trump.

President Trump is privately rejecting the growing consensus among Republican leaders that they may lose the House and possibly the Senate in November, leaving party officials and the president’s advisers nervous that he does not grasp the gravity of the threat they face in the midterm elections.

Trump’s strategy for every situation has been Be More Trump. Because his reading of the 2016 election is that voters love it when he’s rude, crude, and illogical. And Trump has lived his entire life moving from one scam to another, taking little personal damage in the process. In fact, even as he was suffering his largest business failing, facing charges for a record amount of money laundering, and being bailed out by Russian mobsters, Trump’s image with the public was soaring thanks to the hard-working editors at The Apprentice. Trump can not believe that anyone is really going to hold him accountable, or that he will have to face any consequences for his actions.

Republicans in Washington and Trump aides have largely given up assuming the president will ever stick to a teleprompter, but they have joined together to impress upon him just how bruising this November could be for Republicans—and how high the stakes are for Mr. Trump personally, given that a Democratic-controlled Congress could pursue aggressive investigations and even impeachment.

Under the Republicans, the House launched no fewer than eight investigations into Benghazi. House Republicans have just launched new investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email and the many-times resolved Uranium One deal, while cutting short the House investigation into Russian interference in the election expressly so they could hand Trump a no-collusion report to wave around.

All of that could turn upside down in seven months.  With Democrats in charge in the House, there will be no Republican chairmen to stop investigations in Trump-Russia, Trump’s money laundering, Trump’s tax evasion, Trump’s criminal enterprises . . .


TeaPublican favorite Richard Spencer whining . . . begging for money to pay for lawyers

I’m heartbroken.

White Nationalist Tea Party hero and general all-around piece of shit Richard Spencer is begging for money to hire an attorney as his legal and financial woes continue to grow.

Spencer is asking for $25,000 to defend himself in a federal lawsuit over the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Right Wing Watch reported.

 “I am under attack and I need your help,” Spencer said in a public appeal. “Some of the biggest and baddest law firms in the United States are suing me, along with some other prominent figures, in civil court.”

Spencer recently had a falling out with his longtime lawyer, Kyle Bristow.

“This case is a conspiracy theory in the truest sense of that term,” he argued. “This is a mockery of justice.”

“Put simply, they want to shut me — and all of us — down,” Spencer claimed.

 He argued the goal of the lawsuit is to “take down the alt-right’s most prominent spokesman, that is me.”

“It is now time for me to lawyer up,” he said in a public YouTube video.

Spencer, who has been banned from 26 countries, has been punched on the street for his views.

In October, three men were arrested for attempted homicide following a Spencer speech in Gainsville, Florida. Spencer’s National Policy Institute bounced a $10,564 check to the University of Florida to rent the auditorium for his speech.

Exactly whose money was Cohen laundering?

To sum up, Michael Cohen, has three “clients:”

1) Elliott Broidy – former RNC finance chair
2) Sean Hannity – Fox News anchor
3) Donald Trump – President

Now we learn that Cohen is “likely to be indicted” for money laundering and bank fraud.

Three guesses whose money he was laundering.