With all the lawyers in the country, Rooty Tooty is the best Trump can find?

RUDY GIULIANI: So you got a group there that’s a lynch, a lynching mob, so let them do their job. And boy we’re ready to knock the heck out of you with our report which will be authoritative, it will be backed up, it will be backed up with law and facts.

So wait, the Trump legal team is going to “knock the heck” out of the Mueller team by issuing a report, which is “authoritative” and “backed up with facts and law?” 


So really what is going to happen is that Trump’s lawyers are going to put out a laundry list of lies that they hope will fool the deplorables and convince them to pressure their Republican representatives and protect Trump from impeachment proceedings. 

The team clearly knows that Trump is guilty as sin, and are planning to place his fate in the court of public opinion, where they hope there are enough stupid people to inoculate him from justice. 

With all the lawyers in the USofA, the best Trump could get was Rooty Tooty?  Tells us a lot about Trump and Ghouliani.

“Rudolph Giuliani was born in an Italian-American enclave in East Flatbush in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, the only child of working-class parents, Harold Angelo Giuliani (1908–1981) and Helen (née D’Avanzo; 1909–2002), both first-generation Americans, children of Italian immigrants.[13] He was raised a Roman Catholic.[14] Harold Giuliani had trouble holding a job and had been convicted of felony assault and robbery and served time in Sing Sing;[15] after his release he served as an enforcer for his brother-in-law Leo D’Avanzo, who ran an organized crime operation involved in loan sharking and gambling at a restaurant in Brooklyn”

More proof the “Tea Party movement” is dead . . .

I stumbled upon this article and the comments made in response.  Note the egos on display — that’s what Tea Parties were all about — a chance for retired old codgers to vent.


What a joke!!!  Just confirms my view that Tea Parties are made up of halfwit old people who long for the good ol’ days when women and blacks knew their place and father knew best.

Of course, what else should we expect from an opinion blog (Virginia Right) that has a section devoted to “Agenda 21?”

Suck it up, snowflake!!!

Yesterday Virginia voted to accept expanded Medicaid, thereby enabling 400,000 people — most of them working people — to have health insurance

Republican snowflake Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment Jr. (R) slammed the vote, saying that it “abandons Virginia’s long-standing reputation for fiscal responsibility.”

In a floor speech, he also lamented the tone of the debate.

“In the years I have been in the Senate, I have never been treated more disrespectfully by some of these advocacy groups,” he said. “Lying down in front of my office . . . with made-up tombstones, asking people to blow their horns when they go past my law office. . . . The verbal abuse I took yesterday, just walking from the Pocahantas Building, was unbelievable.”

“Verbal abuse?”  Did he really say “verbal abuse?”  You want to hear verbal abuse?  How about:

  • “Lock her up!!”
  • “Hillary for prison 2016!”
  • “Obama was not born in the US!”
  • Comparing Michelle Obama to an ape.
  • “Libtard!”

Memo to Senator Norment:  Kindly go fuck yourself you hypocritical snowflake.

Trump preparing to kill more American jobs

Plans for the Trump administration to hit the European Union with steel and aluminum tariffs could be announced as early as Thursday, reports the Wall Street Journal citing people familiar with the matter.

Why it matters: The EU has threatened retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products such as “motorcycles, jeans and bourbon.” The report follows Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ criticism that the European Union isn’t negotiating on trade thanks to the United States’ steel and aluminum tariffs, citing China as a counterexample.

What to expect: If the tariffs go through, you’ll see domestic and imported steel and aluminum prices spike because the EU is a top supplier.

The EU will likely retaliate almost immediately. They’ve already filed what they plan to do — their list of retaliatory measures — at the World Trade Organization (WTO.) The EU’s big public threats are tariffs on Harley Davidsons and Kentucky whiskey (targeting Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell respectively.)

The snowball effect: The U.S. imposing tariffs would likely have seriously negative effects. Until now, the only country that has directly retaliated against the U.S. on these steel and aluminum tariffs is China. Add in to the mix other countries who have made threats but haven’t retaliated — yet.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/us-to-slap-steel-and-aluminum-tariffs-on-eu-4de37663-93dd-4f8c-b3f8-78ddcb3990cb.html

Trump and Republicans have nothing . . . except hate, fear and lies

Donald Trump and the GOP have nothing to sell the white working-class voters who helped elect him to office in 2016, other than his deep-seated racism and his commitment to immigrant bashing. It’s an ugly populist playbook and Trump spent Tuesday night in Tennessee playing it to the hilt at a campaign rally for GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Senate bid.

Here’s a brief montage of Trump’s anti-immigrant slurs from the Washington Post, including his broken campaign promise that Mexico will pay for wall that is clearly being funded by American taxpayers:

“In the end, Mexico is going to pay for the wall,” Trump said. […] “They’re going to pay for the wall and they’re going to enjoy it,” Trump said. […]

“The Democrats want to use [immigration] as a campaign issue, and I keep saying I hope they do,” Trump said. Accusing Democrats of wanting “open borders,” Trump added: “That’s a good issue for us, not for them.”

He focused on the Central American and U.S. gang MS-13 and what he claimed is Democratic inaction to confront it, asking the crowd at one point to repeat his characterization of the gang as “animals.”

“MS-13 takes advantage of glaring holes in our immigration laws to infiltrate our country,” Trump said. […]

“You have to vote for Marsha,” he said, adding that “Phil whatever-his-name-is, this guy will 100 percent vote against us every single time.”

Trump called [Democrat Phil] Bredesen “an absolute tool” of Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and “MS-13-loving Nancy Pelosi,” a reference to the senior House Democrat.

Trump’s hate-filled immigrant bashing is what the GOP has left after their tax cut for the 1 percent has failed to gain traction with the other 99 percent of Americans and gas prices are spiking. In fact, in House races across the country, GOP candidates are driving the very same messages.

Republicans have aired more than 14,000 campaign ads touting a tough Trump-style immigration platform so far this year.

Meanwhile, Democrats are largely running on platforms of increasing access to health care and shoring up Social Security.

Voters will have a choice: hating for the sake of hating, or voting for a party that’s trying to improve their quality of life.

Oh, and Mexico’s still not paying for the wall.

“President @realDonald­Trump: NO. Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall. Not now, not ever. Sincerely, Mexico,” Peña Nieto said on Twitter, according to Reuters.