TeaPublicans and Michelle Wolf

I have to admit my confusion over the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth on your side of the aisle today, sparked by Michelle Wolf’s remarks at Saturday’s WHCD.

Wasn’t it you Republicans who declared that phrases like grab ‘em by the pussy and I moved on her like a bitch were just “locker-room talk”, and should be laughingly dismissed as such?

Wasn’t it you Republicans who determined that terms like “shithole countries” are perfectly acceptable, and calling kneeling football players “sons of bitches” is appropriate?

Wasn’t it you Republicans who decided that referring to political opponents, journalists, and even world leaders, by childish nicknames is fitting behavior for a so-called “president”?

Wasn’t it you Republicans who deemed it acceptable for your “president” to tweet vicious attacks on private citizens, groups and organizations that he doesn’t like?

Wasn’t it you Republicans who passed around pics of Obama with a bone through his nose, who insisted that Michelle was a “tranny”, who likened the Obama daughters to monkeys, and who proudly wore tee-shirts describing Hillary Clinton as a “cunt”?

Yeah, I’m absolutely positive it was you – which leads to my confusion as to why I’m seeing statements from your side that Michelle Wolf’s monologue was disgusting, vile, over-the-top, and somehow “crossed a line”.  One can only wonder what she said that even comes close to the disgusting, vile, over-the-top comments made by your “president” on pretty much a daily basis. As for crossing a line – well, it’s impossible to imagine what lines of simple human decency haven’t already been crossed by your dear leader and yourselves.

So Wolf called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar – which she is. She said that Trump was a “pussy” for not having the guts to make an appearance at the WHCD – which he is. She berated the media for their failure to cover Trump’s oh-so-sordid past history during the 2016 campaign – a monumental failure of which they certainly are guilty.

Even if Wolf had called Trump a clueless, lying tub-o’-lard with the intellectual capacity of a houseplant and the manners of a rutting pig (all of which are true), she still wouldn’t have come close to the remarks we’ve heard from the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief himself.

In light of the above, watching you Republicans clutch your pearls as you head for the nearest fainting couch over Wolf’s remarks has been far more entertaining than anything we sane people have seen in a long while.

Besides, wasn’t this exactly what you wanted, Republicans – a complete breakdown of common decency, a world in which even the most scathingly accurate comedic take on your “president” doesn’t come close to what emanates from his own mouth?

Well, you got it – and your reaction is as laughable as your blatant hypocrisy.

The fact is that Michelle Wolf is a comedian – and your “president” is nothing more than an incredibly sad, unfunny joke.