Confederate Corey to appear at Nazi, gunnut, wackadoodle rally in September

I saw the following pop up this morning in some right wingers’ news feed on Facebook, and it made me curious as to who Confederate Corey Stewart might be sharing the stage with on September 8 at the weirdly named “Mother of All Rallies” (“MOAR”) in DC. I was also curious about what “MOAR” stands for. See below for a few answers.


Also check out the video they feature by extremist, conspiracy theorist, etc. Alex Jones talking approvingly about last year’s “MOAR.” Ee gads. Oh, and how did last year’s “MOAR” do? Apparently, “MOAR” is LESS, as the event drew “not even 200 people to the National Mall,” about 99.98% short of its goal “to rally 1 million patriots to Washington D.C. to send a shock-wave message to the world that they have to go through us to take this country or change its culture.” Last year’s “MOAR” also had about 99.9% lower attendance than the anti-Trump Women’s March of January 2017. Great job by the “MAGA”/”MOAR” folks, eh? Finally, note that “MOAR” didn’t even manage to draw a single Republican member of Congress.

So who’s attending this year? Again, it appears that not a single Republican elected official, other than Corey Stewart, will be speaking. On the other hand, the event WILL feature such luminaries as:

Tommy Gunn: According to this article, Gunn calls himself “The Pissed Off American.” That sums it up pretty well, huh? Oh, also see this interview, where Gunn says “this rally wasn’t for Trump, it’s for us as Americans…this is not North Korea, this is not Russia, people shouldn’t be attacked for their views.”
Outlaw Morgan: Here’s a link to his website, where you can watch videos like “Facebook Banned Me for ‘Hate Speech’,” “Fuck Facebook,” “Clintons on a Plane,” and “Trump & Putin – The Establishment Is Scared.”
Jeremy Herrell:  His claim to fame is writing the song “Build the Wall” (chorus: “Build the Wall, Build the Wall, 10 feet, 20 feet, 100 feet tall!”).
Scott Presler: As the Virginia House Democratic Caucus wrote last August, Presler was “‘lead activism strategist’ of an anti-Muslim hate group, as identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”
Tyler Yzaguirre: This guy is president of a group called the “Second Amendment Institute,” whose mission is to “combat attacks on all American’s Constitutional right to bear arms, and aid in the prevention of inappropriate gun control measures.”
Harim Uzziel: According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Uzziel is a “fringe political activist from California [who] took his obsession with Donald Trump a bit too far…and wound up getting the boot from not one but two American Airlines flights in Texas.”

There’s “MOAR,” of course, but that should give you a decent idea as to who the 2018 Virginia Republican Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate (!) is going to be hanging out with on September 8. Can we all please vow to do whatever it takes to make sure Sen. Tim Kaine absolutely CRUSHES this loser on November 6?

Dave Brat (Dumbass, VA-07) holds town hall meeting . . . sort of . . . limited admission, Brat will check you out first

In the wake of this past Friday’s “Let Them Eat Cupcakes” PR disaster, Congressman Dave Brat has just announced a series of limited mobile office hours with restrictions on audio and video recording:

As your federal representative, I have promised accessibility, transparency, and accountability to you. I have made it a priority to regularly engage with the diverse array of people from across the 7th District, seeking common-sense solutions that protect and strengthen our democracy.

Over the past 18 months, I have participated in nearly 400 community events, small business Add News meetings, speaking engagements, school visits, etc. with constituent groups across the 7th District. (Editor’s note: Approximately 350 of which were photo ops while he ran errands.)  These opportunities to hear directly from my constituents provide me with invaluable feedback so I can effectively represent you in Congress.

In an effort to continue (Editor’s note: Ha!) listening to your concerns, on Friday, August 3rd, my staff and I will be holding mobile office hours at the Goochland County Office Building from 2 to 3:30 pm. This will be an opportunity for you to request an appointment with me to discuss your views or concerns about issues currently before Congress or to request assistance in cutting through bureaucratic red tape to get assistance with a federal agency.

If you are interested in requesting a meeting, here are a few important things to note: In order to see as many people as time will allow, appointments will be limited to 10 minutes. Staff will be on hand to facilitate additional questions or provide assistance on casework issues. The Goochland County office hours are open to Goochland County residents only. We will verify your information upon the submission of your request. (Editor’s note: Gotta see if you are on his shitlist first?)  I will be holding other meetings throughout the 7th District to meet with residents from those counties. (Sure you will.)

You are welcome to bring up to five other Goochland County residents with you (for a total of 6). If you request a meeting for additional people, you will be asked to provided their information as well. (So we can make certain they all are Brat voters.)  I look forward to foster a constructive dialogue on the issues, so we ask that no audio or video recording take place during the meeting. Any departure from civil discourse could result in the meeting being cut short. (“. . . departure from civil discourse . . . ” means “Anyone who asks a question I don’t want to answer.”)

If you are interested, you must use the form below to sign up and it must be completed no later than Wednesday, August 1st at 2pm. (Editor’s note: How’s that for short notice?) You will receive further email instructions in order to complete your meeting request. Please click here to submit a meeting request. Thank you in advance for your interest in meeting with me.

Sincerely, Congressman Dave Brat

A reminder

Just a reminder that someone stole George W. Bush’s debate prep book (and videotapes!) and sent it to the Gore campaign.

The Gore campaign immediately turned all the materials over to the FBI.

TeaPublicans praise Trump for same thing for which they attacked Obama

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump for being willing to meet with the leaders of Iran without any preconditions — despite the fact that they savagely attacked former President Barack Obama for wanting to do the same thing when he ran for president in 2008.

After playing a clip of Trump on Monday saying he’d gladly meet with Iran to discuss a potential new nuclear deal, co-host Steve Doocy said such a meeting would make sense for the president, given that he has already met with the leaders of other U.S. rivals such as Russia, China and North Korea.

This contrasts strongly with what Doocy said about Obama’s willingness to meet with such leaders, as he once sarcastically described Obama’s strategy as reaching out “to these crazy people around the world and try to get things done.”

What else should we expect from you fools?

It’s about “the wall”

Trump’s border wall is bullshit.  Just bullshit.  Nothing else.

Trump really believes America is being overrun by dark-skinned people from shithole countries.  Nothing of the sort is happening, but, facts to not deter Trump and you halfwits who voted for him.

Over 70% of the people in this country illegally CAME IN BY AIR — that’s right, most of the people in the country illegally flew in.  They were students, workers, and others who came into the US with legal visas for legal reasons.  Then, when their visas expired, they stayed.  (In fact, this is EXACTLY how Trump’s third wife, Melania, got into the country.  She came in on a 6-month work visa and stayed.)

As of mid-2018, the number of people crossing our southern border — the border with Mexico — IS AT ITS LOWEST POINT IN 46 YEARS!!!

So — why is Trump so cranked up about a wall along the border with Mexico?  Because he knows several things:

  1.  You braindead, half-wit Trump supporters are not capable of digging out facts such as those stated above.
  2. You braindead half-wit Trump supporters swallow whole every word he utters because you are too goddam stupid to figure things out for yourself.
  3. You braindead half-wit Trump supporters hate dark-skinned people.

With all this in mind, then, Trump travels around the country holding rallies at which he raves about the border wall and you dumbshits shriek and shout and stamp on the floor.

Goddam, but you people are ignorant.

Talk about a do-nothing Congress — with Republicans in charge, nothing will be done

When the House reconvenes, the GOP plans to devote a significant amount of the limited time it has left before fiscal 2019 begins to three tax cut bills that have no chance of being enacted any time soon because . . . wait for it . . . the Republican-controlled Senate has already said it’s not interested.

And none of this even begins to anticipate what the House Republicans who are running for reelection and think they will need to energize the Trump base will do in September as the Manafort trial and Cohen investigations continue and as the Mueller probe moves forward.

In other words, this year’s legislative crunch time is about to get very real but House Republicans have no leadership, no plan, a very divided caucus, are very likely to be distracted and are relying on a notoriously unreliable Donald Trump to do the right thing.

This is almost a textbook definition of political and legislative chaos.

Major GOP donors are fed up with Trump

The Koch Brothers are not the only libertarian-minded Republican megadonors who have taken a dim view of Trump’s trade war.

This weekend, a group of Republicans who have given at least $100,000 per year to conservative causes is meeting in Colorado Springs.

The group has turned hard on Trump, says NBC News reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell.

“They tried to give him the benefit of the doubt after he was elected,” she said. “But now, 18 months, almost two years into his tenure, we’re seeing a marked shift in the tone among this network… they’re not only concerned about the tone of this president… but it’s also his policies, as well.”

Caldwell said the group is angry about trade and tariffs, but also also by Trump’s family seperation policy.

“They call it abhorrent,” she said. “They call it a horrible policy and it doesn’t reflect the ideals of this country.”

Why did Trump say: “Don’t believe everything you see?”

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign denied Saturday that it is using Chinese manufacturers to produce campaign flags, despite recent viral images that suggest otherwise.

“We have made it clear all along that all of our merchandise is 100% made in the USA,” Michael Glassner, the campaign’s chief operating officer, said in a statement to CNN. “Any vendor who claims to have a relationship with us otherwise is lying or violating our protected trademark rights.”
“This applies to all of the recent fake news about Made in China products for the 2020 campaign,” he said.
Reuters reported this week that Jiahao Flag Co Ltd, a company located in eastern China, has been turning out tens of thousands of red, white and blue “Trump 2020 Keep America Great” banners since March.
Meanwhile, there’s this photo that emerged a few days ago.  And, NO, it is not Photoshopped.
Pic of the Moment

Trump continues to distance himself from the truth

It’s hard to believe Donald Trump could follow up last week’s Helsinki sellout to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a week that was he even worse, but he managed to find a way. Between voter dismay, upheaval on Capitol Hill, and the public disintegration of his relationship with a man who could be a linchpin witness in multiple investigations, the only safe space for Trump was his fantastical world of make believe.

For starters, in poll after poll, reviews on Trump’s performance in Helsinki were dreadful.

Fully 68 percent of American voters told Quinnipiac they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned about Trump’s relationship with Russia. They said they were more inclined to believe U.S. intelligence officials over Trump by a whopping 38-point margin (63 – 25 percent). And get this—a majority, 54 percent, said Trump, the pr*sident of the United States, was not acting in the best interests of the country. Only 41 percent believed he was. Stunning.

An NPR/Marist poll found that 64 percent of Americans say Trump is “not tough enough” on Russia, with only 10 percent saying he has it about right.

Lost in the shuffle, a Latino Decisions poll of registered voters from 61 districts deemed most competitive by Cook Political Report, CNN, Sabato’s Crystal Ball found that 73 percent of voters said they were “angry” over Trump’s family separation policy. The generic ballot in those critical districts favored Democrats by 13 points (51 – 38 percent).

Finally, an NBC/Marist poll brought dreadful news for Trump: Not only were his approval ratings abysmal in three key Midwestern states—Michigan (36 percent), Minnesota (38 percent), and Wisconsin (36 percent)—but by a 30-point margin or more in each of those states, voters said Trump did not deserve to be reelected.

Chart showing voters in MI, MN, and WI only think Trump deserves to be reelected by 28%, 30%, and 31% respectively.

Capitol Hill offered Trump little refuge from his beating in the polls. Though House Republicans remained predictably as useless as ever, Senate Republicans came as close to being in open revolt as they have been at any point in Trump’s tenure. They almost universally panned his plan to funnel a $12 billion bailout to farmers struggling under his decision to simultaneously alienate friend and foe alike in the global marketplace. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson compared the scheme to a “Soviet type of economy” where commissars pick winners and losers and “sprinkle around benefits.” Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski wondered why Trump had settled on helping farmers when so many other sectors like the seafood and energy industries in her home state are also suffering under Trump’s self-inflicted blow to the economy.

“Farmers are hit, but others are hit by these tariffs as well,” Murkowski said. “Where do you draw that line?”

It’s a good question. Why not fisheries on the coasts, whisky makers in Kentucky, or auto parts manufacturers dotting the South and Midwest?

But ultimately GOP Senators who started circulating bills to restrict Trump’s near unilateral control over tariffs were stymied by their do-nothing counterparts in the House. So goes one-party control of Congress when the master is as hypersensitive and irascible as he is dense and out of his depth.

Finally, Trump got perhaps the worst news of all: Not only is his former fixer Michael Cohen leaking incriminating tapes to the press and reportedly eager to cooperate with investigators, but this week delivered the clearest sign yet government prosecutors are crossing over Trump’s “red line” on investigating his family business. Government investigators in the Southern District of New York reportedly set their sights on questioning the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. Having worked for the business since the ’70s, Weisselberg is as close as you can get to being the walking-talking tax return that Trump has guarded with his life.

The development obviously set off alarm bells in Trumpland for multiple reasons. Not only could Weisselberg’s knowledge of Trump family business dealings prove downright lethal, Trump is pretty much powerless to stop the inquiry because it’s not part of the Russia probe being conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller. While Trump, at great political risk, might be able to oust Mueller, that would do nothing to end the investigation in New York.

And there’s one other thing: news of Weisselberg’s questioning almost ensures that Cohen will flip if he was still on the fence for any reason. As former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah explained on MSNBC Thursday, it always behooves cooperators to be first in the door when their information is both most valuable and able to be leveraged against whatever legal liability they themselves face. Since almost everyone considers Weisselberg to be an even bigger treasure trove than Cohen, Cohen’s lawyers surely explained to him the value of making himself available immediately. Sure enough, Cohen started down that path Thursday night with his claim that Trump indeed knew in advance about Don Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer/government agent to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Yum!

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this week in Cohen leaks is that, if his claims about Trump’s knowledge of the Trump Tower rendezvous prove true, then Trump was in fact central to two of the biggest scandals of his 2016 election: Russian collusion and the Stormy Daniels payoff. Rather than being at arm’s length to these enterprises, as Team Trump has alleged, Trump micromanaged them before, during, and after, including the false statement his lawyers have admitted he dictated in response to initial news reports of Trump Jr.’s “dirt” meeting.

One could imagine with that type of news pouring in day after day that a hollow, insecure, nub of person might explode at the onslaught. After all, a New York Times account equal parts hilarious, pitiful, and frightening revealed that Trump “raged” against his staff last week during his overseas trip when he saw CNN playing on Melania Trump’s Air Force One TV. Fox News must play on Trump’s AF1, nothing else. Last week was bad enough, but as this week snowballed out of control, Trump took concrete steps to bend reality to his will in a series of alarming attacks on First Amendment freedoms. Here’s a brief list:

  • The White House originally edited out of the White House transcript a question establishing that Putin preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 (the transcript stayed that way for the better part of two weeks until the White House faced serious scrutiny)
  • The White House floated developing an “enemies list” of critics from whom Trump would strip security clearances
  • After continuing to provide no details whatsoever on Trump’s private meeting with Putin, the White House declared it had addressed the meeting “extensively”
  • The White House is now no longer issuing public summaries of Trump’s calls with foreign leaders, known as doing readouts (a story broken by CNN’s Kaitlin Collins)
  • The White House barred CNN’s Collins, a credentialed White House reporter, from an open press event after she asked Trump questions he clearly didn’t like (e.g. Did Cohen betray him? Was he worried about other tapes?)

And along with trying to stymie the amount of reality that reaches both his wife and the American people alike, Trump engaged in a rather breathtaking piece of gaslighting. Ripped straight from the pages of the book 1984, Trump flat out told a crowd not to believe their own eyes and ears anymore.

“Don’t believe the crap you see from these people—the fake news,” Trump told the crowd in Kansas City, MO. “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

He also laughably tried to convince the public that he’s worried Russia might impact the midterms by “pushing very hard for the Democrats.” Two days later, the very first documented case of Russian hacking in the 2018 cycle was reported: Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill was the target.

Don’t expect the rate of Trump’s lies or the blatancy of his deception to decrease anytime soon. His Air Force One eruption makes clear that Trump is just as invested in his fantasy as he is in convincing the world to believe in it—no exceptions allowed, not even his wife. Meanwhile, the recording that Michael Cohen finally treated America to this week proves there’s plenty more truths to be told that Trump simply won’t be capable of handling.