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Trump promised new NAFTA accord by today — Friday, August 31 — Canada says “No way!!  We are out of here!”  Deal collapses.

High-stakes trade negotiations between the White House and Canadian leaders unraveled Friday, amid strains caused by lingering divisions and comments President Trump made that suggested he would refuse to offer any concessions.

The breakdown put Trump’s effort to redraw the North American Free Trade Agreement in legal limbo. The White House formally notified Congress on Friday that it will enter into a trade agreement with Mexico. The letter stipulated that Canada could also be added “if it is willing.”

But it is unclear whether a three-nation trade pact can be replaced under congressional rules with a two-nation agreement. White House officials vowed to continue discussions with Canada, and talks are expected to pick back up on Wednesday.

“We are in bizarro-land!!”  Of course we are, that’s where Trump lives.

On Friday, CNN host Jim Sciutto said it wouldn’t be hard to believe that President Donald Trump leaked his own comments about Canada to Bloomberg, and then complained when they were published.

Trump claimed that he told Bloomberg reporters “off the record” comments that insulted Canada.

Jen Psaki, former White House Communications Director under Barack Obama, said that leaks rarely happened under her position.

“It’s important to note I worked with the Bloomberg reporters for eight years in the White House, and never once did they violate anything I said off the record or anything President Barack Obama said off the record,” Psaki said.

She added, “There is no way it comes from them, and that’s what they are accused of. There is a question as to whether it was somebody [else.] The transcripts typically go around broadly.   I suspect Trump himself leaked the remarks slamming Canada.”

National Enquirer scandal supports the Steele dossier

Ever since the release of the bombshell Steele dossier, reporters have been working to sort out how much of it is true.

The document alleges that Donald Trump was blackmailed into becoming close with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and ultimately accepted election help from a hostile foreign power.

We now know that Trump was very much susceptible to blackmail—whether by the Russians or someone else.

“Blackmail is at the center of the Steele dossier,” said host Chris Hayes.

Hayes then pointed to the New York Times reports on Trump’s relations with National Enquirer publisher David E. Pecker: “The idea of that is not at all far-fetched—in fact, it already exists.”

Natasha Bertrand of The Atlantic agreed Trump was very much susceptible to blackmail.

“This is potentially the most blackmail-able president in United States’ history,” she said. “The fact that the National Enquirer had decades of information about his affairs, his children, about even Melania, speaks volumes about the president’s life and all of the shady things he did throughout his career—many of which, most of which, perhaps all of which—he never faced real consequences for.”

Bertrand said that what what we know about the relations between Pecker and Trump substantiate two key parts of the dossier.

“This substantiates two big claims in the dossier,” she said. “The first , of course, is that Michael Cohen was President Trump’s fixer in all things related to Russia. Just as he was the fixer in relation to burying stories about Trump’s extramarital affairs, he was also, according to the dossier, his fixer in burying the story of the Trump campaign’s conspiracy with Russia to win the election. He was alleged to have paid off the hackers and to have kinda cleaned the whole thing up after the election.”

The second part? Trump’s reluctance to discuss his alleged sexual activities following his marriage to Melania.

“Trump is a little bit more skittish about his extramarital affairs becoming public than a lot of us have been led to believe,” she said. “There’s always this theory that perhaps the president wouldn’t care if news came out that prostitutes peed on a bed in Moscow  because he hated President Obama and wanted to defile the bed he slept on… Now we know that Trump has gone to great lengths to hide these details of his personal life, and it really makes you wonder that if those salacious details in that dossier are true, what lengths have the president gone to to keep the Russians from exposing them?”

Hayes then pointed to the New York Times reports on Trump’s relations with National Enquirer publisher David E. Pecker: “The idea of that is not at all far-fetched—in fact, it already exists.”

John McCain continues to stick it to t-Rump

I read an article this morning that listed John McCain’s 15 pallbearers and was struck, especially, by one of the names.  I don’t give a damn about movie stars and was only slightly interested in the politician’s names.  What stood out conspicuously was a Russian name:  Vladimir Kara-Murza.

It seemed weird because I’ve read that Putin hated John McCain (for, among other things, taking the Steele dossier to the FBI, etc.).  Knowing that, I had to find out why McCain would want Vladimir Kara-Murza not only to attend his funeral but to have a prominent place as a pallbearer.

Interesting reading!  Vladimir Kara-Murza is not just anti-Putin; he’s also survived two near-fatal attempts on his life via the Kremlin’s favorite method, i.e. poisoning.

When I decided to diary this, I couldn’t find the article I’d read but Google was even better, via bringing up this more specific article from Newsweek:

Given President Donald Trump’s refusal to criticize Putin, most recently evidenced at their joint news conference last month in Helsinki, McCain’s choice seemed intended to send a final message to the two leaders who have both denied Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

McCain and Kara-Murza, who had known each other since 2010, had denounced Putin for years. McCain asked Kara-Murza in April, nine months after the Arizona senator had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, to help carry his coffin at his funeral, which will be held Saturday at Washington National Cathedral.

“I was speechless and heartbroken, close to tears at that moment,” Kara-Murza, who is vice chairman of the pro-democracy group Open Russia, told Politico on Tuesday. “I said yes, of course, and that it would be the most heartbreaking honor that anyone could think of.”

Read the rest here:  John McCain Picks Anti-Putin Russian Poisoned, Almost Killed as Pallbearer in Apparent Dig Against Trump

Few people get to make a statement after they’re dead but John McCain pulled it off magnificently!

I’ll be glad to reach across the aisle . . . and slap the shit out of Republicans

“Democrats should reach across the aisle” — “Democrats should try to understand Trump voters.”  I am fucking sick of hearing it !!!

Did John Boehner reach across the aisle and compromise when Obama was president ??? Fuck no !!!

Did Mitch McConnell reach across the aisle when Obama was president ??? Fuck no !!!

Did the republicans reach across the aisle when Obama was the president ??? Fuck no !!!

Did the republicans compromise when Obama was president ??? Fuck no !!!

From day one it was the republicans plan to stop Obama from accomplishing anything and making him a one term president.

It is apparent republicans think the definition of compromise means giving them everything they want while stopping the Democratic party from getting anything done that the MAJORITY of Americans want and need.

The republican party is now the party of Trump.

Do you reach across the aisle to insane people ???

Do you compromise with insane people ???

Do you enable corruption ???

Do you ignore the lies ???

The Trump party has no intention of compromising or reaching across the aisle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why should the Democratic party be expected to do so ???

I’d like to remind you traitorous Republican bastards (and that’s all of you) of a few things

If this situation were reversed, and there was even the slightest whiff of evidence that Putin had helped Hillary Clinton win the election, Republicans would have impeached her on her very first day in office.

Republicans are fascists now, they don’t believe in democracy anymore. They hate their fellow Americans (Democrats) who hold different political views from their own more than they hate hostile foreign powers.

The only thing they care about is gaining power and retaining power, and they don’t care what kind of unpatriotic crap they have to do to get that (treason, voter suppression, voter caging, voter purging, partisan gerrymandering, etc. etc. etc., the list goes on and on).

They even have their own right wing propaganda bubble (Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge, Daily Caller, Infowars etc, etc.) that they use to keep their base of voters angry, stupid and misinformed.

The resistance against Trump/Republicans isn’t just about policy, it’s also about fighting off the fascism that these anti-American traitors are trying to replace our democracy with.

OMG!!! No wonder the Mechanicsville Tea Party is on life support!!!

Check it out — THIS is the president of the Mechanicsville Tea Party.

Larnie Shares

Larnie Allgood shares his opinion on Chris Peace's support for Medicaid Expansion and why it is wrong.

Posted by Mechanicsville VA TEA Party on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I hope his family has 911 on speed dial — this guy is unhealthy and is a stroke and heart attack looking for a place to happen.  Is this man even conscious?  THIS is what the Tea Party has come down to? This and Don Johnson.