Millions of Americans caught trying to buy groceries without ID

Speaking in Tampa Tuesday, Trump announced that an ID is required to buy groceries.  The reaction around the country was immediate.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (The Borowitz Report)—Millions of Americans were foiled in their attempts to purchase groceries on Wednesday after failing to provide the proper government-issued I.D. cards.

From coast to coast, food-seeking scofflaws were turned away from supermarkets, convenience stores, and fruit markets as they tried to circumvent the nation’s long-standing grocery I.D. laws.

“Given that Americans have been required to show I.D. to buy food for years, it’s amazing that people still try to get away with this,” Carol Foyler, a supermarket cashier in Fresno, California, said. “It’s always, ‘Oh, I left my food I.D. in my other pants,’ or some B.S. like that. Believe me, I’ve heard it all.”

In Cleveland, Ohio, a man attempting to buy a loaf of bread, two yogurts, and a bottle of Fanta tried to use another consumer’s food I.D. to make the purchase, but was busted by sharp-eyed security personnel.

Four out of ten Republicans are happy with selling out America to Russia

It was inevitable. Faced with increasing evidence of Russian meddling in our elections, it was only a matter of time before Republicans began believing that traitorous surrender to a foreign power was actually totally okay!

A Yahoo Finance/Survey Monkey poll finds 11% of Republicans say it would be appropriate for Russia to intervene in the upcoming U.S. elections on behalf of Trump and Republicans, and 29% say it would not be appropriate, but it wouldn’t be a big deal.

That number will only grow as more Republicans realize that yes, their president is a tool of a hostile foreign power. And faced with the choice of recoiling in horror at this kind of treason, or embracing their new Russian masters? It’s only logical they would choose treason.

I mean, these are the same people that proudly wave the Confederate treason flag. Allegiance and loyalty to their country is not their strong suit.


Trump replacing quality health insurance with cheap policies with very limited coverage

Donald Trump has finally deployed one more Affordable Care Act sabotage, one that everyone in the industry, from insurance companies to providers, has panned. It’s an expansion of short-term, limited-duration plans allowed under Obamacare that functioned as a stop-gap for people waiting to secure permanent insurance.

These plans aren’t subject to the comprehensive benefits and protections that regular insurance plans must cover under the law. They had been allowed for a maximum of three months under the law, but the Trump administration is stretching that out to 364 days, a day short of a year to skirt under the law, with the option for two renewals. Meaning people could be “covered” by these skimpy plans for up to three years.

The plans are going to be cheap, which will be their big attraction. “We do think those plans will be very attractive to those who have been most poorly served by the Affordable Care Act,” said Randy Pate, a deputy administrator at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in a call with reporters Monday evening. That’s the people who are in the Medicaid gap in states that didn’t take the expansion, people who don’t qualify for subsidies under Obamacare, and people who want to save money. And, as Pate pointed out, younger and healthier people. “This could be an option for them,” he said. Which is kind of the point of the rules—it’s again trying to draw health people out of the Obamacare markets, trying to make that “death spiral” for the plans kick in. As healthier people leave the pools, the sicker, more expensive people stay in and eventually costs become unsustainable for insurers, and they leave the markets. That’s the plan.

The people who take these skimpy plans are playing with fire. If they become catastrophically ill, if they get pregnant, if they have a bad accident, they’re screwed. They’ll have to pay out of pocket for mental health care, for maternity care or for prescription drugs that these kinds of plans often don’t cover completely or just don’t cover at all. In an interview with HuffPost, Georgetown University research professor Sabrina Corlette sees potential disaster for any takers of these plans. “Many consumers will buy these plans thinking they are getting a great deal. […] But if they need health care services and the bills start to pile up, they’ll quickly discover that these plans cover very little.”

The administration says it foresees as many as 1.2 million people will end up with these plans. There’s a market for these plans, definitely, but it’s not clear how many insurers are going to be willing to undercut the plans they’ve created for the Obamacare markets—and the restructuring of their whole business—to implement them.


Trumponomics is adding TRILLIONS to the national debt

Donald Trump is threatening to shut the government down if he doesn’t get billions to build his pointless border wall. But it’s a good thing Republicans have forgotten about all the threats they used to make over raising the debt ceiling, because thanks to Trump, that debt is going up faster than at any time in history. They’re going to need a crane to lift the ceiling this fast.

According to Bloomberg, the government will issue $329 billion in debt just for the third quarter, and expects that to go up to $440 billion in the final quarter. All of which, piled on already rising levels of debt, means that the government will be borrowing more money, and piling on more debt, than in any year since the economy crashed in 2008.

The deficit totaled $607 billion through the first nine months of the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, compared with $523 billion from the same period a year earlier.

With the projections for debt at the end of the year, Trump will finish in the hole by more than $1 trillion. And the Congressional Budget Office is already forecasting that 2020 will add more then $1 trillion.

And, as Trump points out every day, if not every hour, that’s the level of debt he’s building when the economy is doing fairly well. Trump’s tax plan gave corporations a goose, but just as every economist predicted, it also tore a hole in the federal coffers. This isn’t high levels of government spending to pull the economy out of a temporary hole—it’s just everyday spending. The rising levels of debt are coming at the same time that Trump is bragging about record growth, which is just another sign of how simply unsustainable the situation remains.


Finally — everyone except Fox ignores Trump

Tonight (July 31, 2018) Trump held another of his rallies in Tampa, Florida.  He raved and ranted and foamed at the mouth for 62 minutes.

The only network covering him was Fox.  The ONLY network covering him was Fox.  Not a single other network had cameras there; CNN had one reporter present.

Finally, the serious news media recognizes that Trump is a loony old man shouting “Get off my lawn!” at the neighborhood kids.

Image result for donald trump shouting image

This is NOT a responsible adult

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump spoke at the “Make America Great Again” rally in Tampa, Fla.

 During his rally, he compared himself to Abraham Lincoln. After talking about polls, he said he is the next best thing when compared to Lincoln.

“Polls are fake, just like everything else. We are doing well, we are doing well and I’m happy you are doing well. They just came out with a poll, did you hear? The most popular person in the history of the Republican Party is trumped! Can you believe this?”

 President Trump continued: “So I said does that include honest Abe Lincoln? He was pretty good, right? Remember I said we might be a little bit wild, they say he’s not acting presidential and I would say it’s a lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do. Anybody can act presidential.”
No doubt about it . . . this is NOT a sane man.  This is a deeply-disturbed 12-year-old child throwing a huge fit.

Picture ID to buy groceries? Trump says so . . .

President Trump on Tuesday made the claim that a photo ID is required to buy groceries as part of his argument for introducing stricter voter ID laws.

“You know if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card,” he said. “You need ID.”

The president made the comment while speaking at a campaign rally in Florida in support of GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial bid. It came as he was pushing for stronger voter ID laws, pointing to other instances where an American would need to show identification.

How many of you reading this have to show photo ID to buy groceries?