No, you TeaPublican idiot children — that’s NOT an “angry mob”

Trump today called his opposition “an angry mob.”  No.

That’s no angry mob! Just ordinary, everyday citizens pushed into action by the threat of a perjurer, partisan, embittered, of questionable moral standing and lacking judicial temperament candidate for Supreme Court being ramrodded by the Senate leadership and by a minority President who is totally unfit for the job.

That’s my wife, terrified that our girls are unprotected from sexual assault.

That’s my niece, raped and left for dead by a group of fraternity drunks.

That’s my grandmother, sexually assaulted by a teacher at age 10.

That’s my son, sexually assaulted by a priest.

That’s my nephew raped by a Boy Scout leader at age 12.

That’s my mom sexually assaulted by her employer.

That’s me.

THAT’S no angry mob!

Those are people outraged by the 51 Senators who have betrayed all survivors and future victims of sexual assault.

Those are people who are being revictimized by the callous disregard for the millions opposed to the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS and the sham procedures that enabled this.

Thousands of attorneys, classmates, and even an esteemed former Justice of the Supreme Court implored the President and Senate to withdraw Brett Kavanaugh because of his multiple perjuries and internationally demonstrated lack of impartial, measured judicial temperament.

No! That’s no angry liberal, Democratic mob. That is what Americans standing together looks like.

Get used to it.

That is a spontaneous uprising of millions of citizens from both parties, all races, all religions, all genders exercising a constitutional right to protest an injustice perpetrated by the Senators elected to uphold the Constitution and, at the very least, do no harm.

Get used to it!

Middle Class
People of All Religious Denominations
even Republicans

Standing together in opposition to a Supreme Court Candidate even the Senate Majority Leader didn’t want to put forward.

That’s No Angry Mob! That’s the righteous, justifiable indignation of a people united.

Get used to it!

Justice will prevail.

Fairness for all will prevail.

Injustice, bigotry, hateful policies, and the dismantling of all that is good our ancestors died for in war after war, on the picket lines, and for the right to vote will be defeated.

Get used to it.

We, the good people, will stand up and be heard.