The stock market under Trump . . .

Under Trump, the stock market has hit 25,000.  Twice.

Going up and now coming down, down, down.

The Dow Jones industrial average dived more than 600 points Wednesday as another wave of volatility swept through U.S. financial markets.

The blue-chip index bobbed in the red most of the session, dragged down by a weak housing report and a beleaguered technology sector that continues to show weakness. Tech stocks are down 7 percent this month.

The Dow’s drop was a sharp reversal from its upward early-morning momentum that came off of a strong earnings report from aircraft maker Boeing. It fell 606 points, or 2.4 percent, to close at 24,584.50 — its 13th loss in 15 sessions.

The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index was off 3 percent in afternoon trading. The tech-heavy Nasdaq was taking heavier losses, down 4.4 percent. It is in correction territory, down 10.3 percent from its September 2018 high.

You do the math

Trump mocks disabled reporter


Trump declares CNN and journalists in general to be “the enemy of the people”


“Lock her up”


“Crooked Hillary”


“Rough ’em up, I’ll pay your legal fees!”


“Democrats are a mob!”


Pipe bombs delivered to homes or offices of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, CNN, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John  Brennan . . . and that’s just within 48 hours.


You TeaPulbican Trump worshipers are in for a BIG surprise on April 15, 2019

I know all you Trump worshiping TeaPublican dumbasses are patting yourselves on the back because of Trump’s “tax cuts.”

You had better temper your enthusiasm.  Because:  Under Trump’s “tax reform” the withholding amounts have gone down, resulting in more money in your paycheck.  HOWEVER — the brackets have not changed, so, come April 15, 2019, you will owe as much tax as ever.

This means, because you have had LESS withheld, you will OWE instead of seeing a big refund because your taxes really have not gone down.

S U C K E R S !!!!!!!!!!!

News you will not hear on Fox

Not only is this news you will not hear on Fox, it is news you will not hear from TeaPublicans, Republicans or other rightwingnutcases.

Republican school board member says she will accuse 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee of sexual assault, no matter who the nominee is

Two groups have called for the immediate resignation of a South Carolina Republican school board member for writing on Facebook that she intends to falsely accuse the eventual 2020 Democratic presidential nominee of sexually assaulting her.

According to WBTW, Horry County School board member Sherrie Todd, a Republican, took to Facebook to comment on sexual assault accusations levied against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by stating she planned to make a false accusation against a Democrat.

Todd wrote, “I’ve already decided that whoever wins the Democrat nomination in 2020 sexually assaulted me 40 years ago.”

Since that September comment, Todd has been under fire in the community, firing back that she was hacked and made no such assertion.

According to Lorraine Woodward of Grand Strand Action Together, Todd should in no way be allowed near a school board working on policies for teens.

“Imagine being a teenage girl or guy being sexually assaulted and then see a post making fun of your situation,” Woodward stated.

Horry County Alliance for Educational Justice spokesperson Dameion Fowler agreed, saying, “Personal responsibility and accountability is supposed to be for everyone. If you’re going to teach it, if you’re going to preach it, you better practice what you preach.”

Typical Republican.  Thinks everyone else should be held responsible for their actions while she can do as she pleases without consequences.


Oklahoma GOP leader says “progressives” are not “real Christians”

A Republican party leader in Oklahoma sent out an email to her supporters saying that Progressive Christians are not true Christians. Carolyn McLarty serves as the National Committeewoman to the Republican Party.

Patrick Riley at The Lost Ogle said the email revealed, “The logic-defying brains of the people who run the State GOP.”

McLarty’s email warned her supporters to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing coming to Oklahoma City.

“They are a Progressive Christian troupe that promotes a socialist agenda. They would like nothing less than to flip Congress away from Republican control, yet they say they are non-partisan,” she wrote.

She added, “The ‘common good’ is an idea right out of the Marxist Communist Manifesto. Socialism and communism have never worked. A market economy with private property, individual liberty, personal responsibility, respect for the dignity of life for every person, and the rule of Law does work.”

“Don’t be deceived by this misleading statement and movement. There is only one way to God, and that is through the finished work of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice for our sin was sufficient for all human beings,” McLarty wrote. “The Bible is very clear on this truth, and it points us to Jesus in every Book of the Old and New Testaments. With all the differences in various beliefs of Christian denominations, this truth is the core of the Gospel. Individuals believe and receive Jesus as a gift of faith or not.”

Hmmm.  Wonder what Jesus would think of this?


Wife of white supremacist Richard Spencer reveals a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse

Richard Spencer’s wife Nina Kroupiianova has accused him of physical, emotional, verbal and financial abuse while filing for divorce.

BuzzFeed News reported that Kroupiianova, who married the white nationalist figurehead in 2010 and has two children with him, made the allegations in her divorce filings in Montana.

Descriptions of the alleged abuse include the woman “being hit, being grabbed, being dragged around by her hair, being held down in a manner causing bruising, and being prevented from calling for help” by Spencer.

According to the filings, “Much of the abuse has occurred in the presence of the parties’ children,” and Kroupiianova “has been reluctant to call police or seek an order of protection for fear of further reprisal” by her husband.

BuzzFeed noted that in the filings, Spencer’s wife said that because of his “controversial public life,” Kroupiianova and the couples’ two young children are “targets of violence.”

He allegedly kept a loaded gun in their bedroom that was “accessible to children” after being punched the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“Despite the risk to his family,” the woman argued, “[Spencer] continues to engage in extremely polarizing public speech advocating ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ and a white-only ‘ethno-state’ which tends to invite passions and violence.”

“Most, if not all, of [Spencer’s] public speaking events result in violence,” Kroupiianova added.

Spencer denied “each, every and all allegations” in court filings.

Read the entire report on the Spencer and Kroupiianova’s divorce via BuzzFeed News.

Nothing surprising here.

Trump is now engaged in vast voter suppression, claims “voter fraud” — it’s all bullshit

After President Donald Trump fired off a hysterical tweet this weekend warning of mass “voter fraud”—a right-wing bogeyman for which there is virtually zero evidence—and threatening violators with severe punishment, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law condemned the president for deploying Jim Crow-era scare tactics to suppress minority voter turnout just two weeks before the midterm elections.

“President Trump’s statement regarding vote fraud is one of the most naked attempts to promote voter suppression that we have seen in modern time,”  Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee, said in a statement following Trump’s tweet, in which he declared that “all levels of government and law enforcement are watching carefully” for violations.

Clarke argued that the president’s tweet is clearly part of an ongoing right-wing effortto “promote fear and incite law enforcement to action in ways that could chill voter participation this midterm election cycle.”

“Meanwhile this administration and the Justice Department’s silence regarding widespread voter suppression has been deafening. To date, this Justice Department has failed to file a single case to enforce the Voting Rights Act and has failed to take any action to protect the rights of minority voters,” Clarke said. “Instead, we see the president using his platform to promote unsubstantiated and false claims about vote fraud.”

“What is most dangerous about the president’s statement is the suggestion that government and law enforcement across the country are activating to prosecute voters,” Clarke concluded. “This is nothing more than an open and brazen attempt to use the threat of criminal prosecution to intimidate minority voters, an old and familiar tactic that dates back to the Jim Crow era.”


Meanwhile, here in Virginia, Corey Stewart’s supporters encouraging people to murder Democrats, Stewart does nothing about it

Let’s face facts: Republican = KKK

Florida voters are picking up the phone to hear a voice claiming, “Well hello there. I is the Negro Andrew Gillum, and I be asking you to make me governor of this here state of Florida.” The voice is an actor’s and the call is a robocall paid for by an Idaho white supremacist group that calls itself The Road to Power.

Black spiritual music plays in the background, and a monkey screeches occasionally to refer to Gillum, who is the mayor of Tallahassee.

The ad says Gillum’s health care plan will be quite cheap, because he’ll just give chicken feet to people as medicine. It talks about how Jewish people are going to vote for him, because Jews are “the ones that been putting Negroes in charge over the white folk, just like they done after the Civil War.”

This isn’t the first such disgustingly racist robocall from the same group.

Of course, this group supports the Republican candidate, so, we should not be surprised at this.  The GOP = the KKK.


Here’s a great idea: How about we drill for oil off the Virginia coast . . . then we could be just like Louisiana

For 14 years, oil has been pouring out of an old well site off the Louisiana Gulf Coast — the result of offshore oil drilling.

An oil spill that has been quietly leaking millions of barrels into the Gulf of Mexico has gone unplugged for so long that it now verges on becoming one of the worst offshore disasters in U.S. history.

Between 300 and 700 barrels of oil per day have been spewing from a site 12 miles off the Louisiana coast since 2004, when an oil-production platform owned by Taylor Energy sank in a mudslide triggered by Hurricane Ivan. Many of the wells have not been capped, and federal officials estimate that the spill could continue through this century. With no fix in sight, the Taylor offshore spill is threatening to overtake BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster as the largest ever.

Aerial view of the 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Louisiana coast


If we are lucky, the Virginia coast could look like the Louisiana coast — jammed with oil wells.

As oil continues to spoil the Gulf, the Trump administration is proposing the largest expansion of leases for the oil and gas industry, with the potential to open nearly the entire outer continental shelf to offshore drilling. That includes the Atlantic coast, where drilling hasn’t happened in more than a half century and where hurricanes hit with double the regularity of the Gulf.

Expansion plans come despite fears that the offshore oil industry is poorly regulated and that the planet needs to decrease fossil fuels to combat climate change, as well as the knowledge that 14 years after Ivan took down Taylor’s platform, the broken wells are releasing so much oil that researchers needed respirators to study the damage.

“I don’t think people know that we have this ocean in the United States that’s filled with industry,” said Scott Eustis, an ecologist for the Gulf Restoration Network, as a six-seat plane circled the spill site on a flyover last summer. On the horizon, a forest of oil platforms rose up from the Gulf’s waters, and all that is left of the doomed Taylor platform are rainbow-colored oil slicks that are often visible for miles. He cannot imagine similar development in the Atlantic, where the majority of coastal state governors, lawmakers, attorneys general and residents have aligned against the administration’s proposal.

The Taylor Energy spill is largely unknown outside Louisiana because of the company’s effort to keep it secret in the hopes of protecting its reputation and proprietary information about its operations, according to a lawsuit that eventually forced the company to reveal its cleanup plan. The spill was hidden for six years before environmental watchdog groups stumbled on oil slicks while monitoring the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster a few miles north of the Taylor site in 2010.

The Interior Department is fighting an effort by Taylor Energy to walk away from the disaster. The company sued Interior in federal court, seeking the return of about $450 million left in a trust it established with the government to fund its work to recover part of the wreckage and locate wells buried under 100 feet of muck.

Taylor Energy declined to comment. The company has argued that there’s no evidence to prove any of the wells are leaking. Last month, the Justice Department submitted an independent analysis showing that the spill was much larger than the one-to-55 barrels per day that the U.S. Coast Guard National Response Center (NRC) claimed, using data supplied by the oil company.

The author of the analysis, Oscar Garcia-Pineda, a geoscience consultant who specializes in remote sensing of oil spills, said there were several instances when the NRC reported low estimates on the same days he was finding heavy layers of oil in the field.

“There is abundant evidence that supports the fact that these reports from NRC are incorrect,” Garcia-Pineda wrote. Later he said: “My conclusion is that NRC reports are not reliable.”

In an era of climate change and warmer open waters, the storms are becoming more frequent and violent. Starting with Ivan in 2004, several hurricanes battered or destroyed more than 150 platforms in just four years.

On average, 330,000 gallons of crude are spilled each year in Louisiana from offshore platforms and onshore oil tanks, according to a state agency that monitors them.

The Gulf is one of the richest and most productive oil and gas regions in the world, expected to yield more than 600 million barrels this year alone, nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. oil production. Another 40 billion barrels rest underground, waiting to be recovered, government analysts say.

About 2,000 platforms stand in the waters off the Bayou State. Nearly 2,000 others are off the coasts of its neighbors, Texas and Mississippi. On top of that are nearly 50,000 miles of active and inactive pipelines carrying oil and minerals to the shore.

And the costs are high.

For every 1,000 wells in state and federal waters, there’s an average of 20 uncontrolled releases of oil — or blowouts — every year. A fire erupts offshore every three days, on average, and hundreds of workers are injured annually.

BP has paid or set aside $66 billion for fines, legal settlements and cleanup of the 168 million-gallon spill — a sum that the oil giant could, painfully, afford. But many companies with Gulf leases and drilling operations are small, financially at-risk and hard-pressed to pay for an accident approaching that scale.