Remember when Republicans went apeshit claiming Clinton and Obama did not respect the Oval Office?

Remember that?

Speaking of having no respect for the Oval Office . . .

For more than 10 minutes Thursday, President Trump was struck nearly speechless as rapper, activist, entrepreneur and MAGA-hat wearing, Trump-loving, dragon-energy-exuding Kanye West held forth in an Oval Office soliloquy that included an f-bomb, references to male genitalia and a presidential hug that looked more like a mauling.

West, slouched in a chair facing the president, called himself a “crazy mother- (expletive)” and rued the “bull- (expletive)” the president endures. He called the 72-year-old president “bro.” He wore no tie and he kept the red hat on throughout.

Fuck you TeaPublicans and your hypocrisy.