From time to time . . .

From time to time,I read or hear something that is so detached from reality, so bizarre, all I can do is bang my head into the desk — over and over and over.

Here’s the background:  In Virginia, one of the more popular Republican blogs is a thing called “The Bull Elephant.”  TBE features a raft of rightwingers, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and other know-nothings pretending to know something.  On November 5, many of the commentators/authors on TBE gave their predictions for the Nov 6 election.

This comment from TBE is a headbanger — it’s bizarre.

Catharine Trauernicht

My prediction for Election Day is that Republicans will hold both the Senate and House with comfortable margins. (“Comfortable” meaning enough capacity to advance the Trump agenda.)
This prediction is based on “gut feeling,” not a scientific poll.  So that probably makes me an outlier.  My “gut feeling” is based on these factors:
1)  I believe that America experienced Divine intervention on November 7, 2016, to breathe new life into our Republic.  And it’s not going to evaporate next Tuesday.
2)  Donald Trump is a force of nature.  He is accomplishing more than can be seen, but that is reflected in historically low unemployment numbers, a vigorous economy, renewed respect for American might around the globe, and resurgence of confidence in the American spirit.
3)  During the Kavanaugh hearings, I sensed a sea change benefitting Republicans around the country, not necessarily affecting every GOP candidate, but certainly bringing attention to the lunacy of the Left that was enabled by Democrat Party leadership.  The depth of disgust over the Left’s dangerous antics was enough to get voters’ attention and consider what the Republican Party has to offer.
4)  The advancing migrant “caravan” only puts in sharper focus the necessity for border security and immigration reform — two key components of the Trump win in 2016.
5)  Finally, have you seen the astonishing energy of the Trump rallies?!  They may be the most important harbinger yet of what is to come on Election Day.  Democrats have nothing like it.
Got that?  Donald Trump was elected by “divine intervention.”
“The migrant caravan?”
“Energy” at Trump rallies?  Yes, and KKK rallies are filled with cheering crowds, too.