Is Trump making money from “birthright citizenship?” Could be . . .

By now we all have heard of Trump’s attack on the 14th Amendment and “birthright citizenship.”

To summarize:
— Under the 14th Amendment, a child born in the US is a US citizen, regardless of the parent(s)’ citizenship.
— Trump wants to change this so those criminal brown people can’t slip across the border, have a child, then the US citizen kid brings in the whole family.

As usual with things Trump, there’s a problem. In fact, it’s a BIG problem.

Seems that a lot of pregnant women are coming to the US to give birth. But they are mainly wealthy women and many of them are coming from Russia and China. AND — they are especially drawn to an area of Palm Beach FL that has become known as “Little Moscow” because of the Russian women giving birth there.

So — what does this have to do with Trump?

It seems their favorite place to stay while waiting for the kid to arrive is in TRUMP-BRANDED CONDOS!!!!!!! Trump may be making a LOT of money from “birthright citizenship” — it’s not clear how much he’s making.

Read about it here:

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