Let’s be clear about a few things

The Republican Party and anyone who claims to be a Republican, Tea Party, conservative, or “real American” is now officially a white supremacist piece of shit.  And if that offends you, too goddam bad.  YOU are the threat to this country.

I am an old white man . . . born (1944) and reared in South Mississippi.  My g-g-grandfather was a slave owner.  I know racist, white supremacists when I see them.

I am a retired US Army infantry colonel with three tours in Vietnam, with the medals and scars to prove it.

When I was growing up in Wilkinson County , MS, the Klan was powerful.  My grandfather hated the Klan and didn’t care who knew about it.  As a result, he carried a pistol and slept with a shotgun.  Because of the “Proud Democrat” bumper stickers on my truck, I have been threatened with a pistol, shown the finger more times than I can count, been cut off on the road, and generally harassed by good christian Republicans.  I now carry a .45 under the front seat of my truck and my car.

Trump’s latest rants about “the caravan” are total bullshit.

In the first place, the “caravan” is mostly women and children.  They are over 1,000 miles from our border and when they do arrive, about half of them will have dropped out.  The Border Patrol and ICE will handle them.

In April 2018, a “caravan” of fewer than 1,000 arrived at the US border.  THREE PEOPLE were admitted to the US . . . the rest were turned away.

Trump’s order to send 15,000 troops to the border is bullshit.  It’s clear that you Republican Mongoloid idiots do not understand the POSSE COMITATUS law that states MILITARY PERSONNEL — ACTIVE, RESERVE, GUARD — CANNOT ENFORCE CIVIL LAWS.  That’s right — long-standing federal law prohibits the US military from being involved in law enforcement.  Trump and you are too goddam stupid to understand this.

You worthless Republican, rightwing, Tea Party sonsofbitches just love to throw around attacks . . . I have been called a socialist, a communist, a Marxist . . . I have been told I hate America.  I am tired . . . goddam sick and tired to the bone of being called names.  Of course, when I respond by pointing out your lies, you goddam snowflakes melt.

Here in Northumberland County VA, you assholes have been placing campaign signs that declare “Defeat Socialism, Vote Republican.”  You aren’t smart enough to know what “socialism” is . . . it’s just a word you heard on Limbaugh, you think is sounds erudite, so, there you go.

The Republican Party is the threat to this country.  Thank God we will start  cleaning house of you vermin on Nov 6.