Martin Luther King’s 92-yr-old cousin in Georgia prevented from voting

Today I visited 92-year-old Christine Jordan who was blocked from voting in Georgia. I spent time with her and her granddaughter Jessica. Miss Christine, Martin Luther King’s cousin, talked about the family reunions with the Kings at her house. Never talked politics, just Church gossip and family. She misses choir practice at Zion Hill Baptist. She sang me, “Jesus loves me.” And she sang, “We shall overcome.”

Brian Kemp took away her right to vote exactly 50 years to the day since she cast her first ballot in Atlanta. To get back her vote, she is ready to sue Kemp in federal court, “if someone will help me walk to the courthouse.” Any volunteers?

Martin Luther King’s Cousin who was blocked from voting in Georgia

92-year-old Christine Jordan, whose 1 minute video of her being stopped from voting we posted on election day turned out to be Martin Luther King’s cousin

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