Seriously? David Shepard??

Here in Virginia there’s a rightwing blog calling itself “The Bull Elephant,” (TBE) run by a dimwit who once dubbed herself “The Lovettsville Lady” (Lovettsville is the small town where she lives);  now she signs her real name, Jeanine Martin.

TBE proclaims itself to be Virginia’s premier conservative voice.  If this is the case, then, Virginia conservatives are in trouble.  TBE features the usual crowd of half-baked PhD’s (Piled Higher and Deeper), former this, former that, security specialists (translation:  rent-a-cop), and their resident “intellectual” whose claim to intellect is that he smoke cigars and sips bourbon.

Today TBE is featuring an article by one David Shephard who has decided to save Virginia by running for delegate in the 100-member House of Delegates.

Shepard goes through the usual rightwing nonsense about how Virginia is being ruined by liberals, etc., etc., etc.

Then, he pens this line:  “Sadly, all these sound principals are being undermined.”

“. . . sound principals?”  I didn’t realize he was talking about school systems.  Exactly what is a “sound principal?”  Is that a school leader with a megaphone?

He claims to be a graduate of George Mason University and “. . . currently does lobbying and consulting work in Richmond.”  Well, not surprising.  He clearly is not qualified for anything requiring good sense, an educated vocabulary and an understanding of public policy.

Further investigation shows Shephard has three blogs:

  • The Virginia Gentleman
  • The Happy Warrior
  • Shadwell Communications

Of these three, the last two have no posts except for Shephard’s introduction of himself.  “The Virginia Gentleman” features an occasional article that is nothing but the usual rightwing claptrap.  Shephard also reveals himself to be a huge fan of Trump.

His Twitter feed consists of retweets from other rightwingers who spout the typical rightwing foolishness .  He’s obsessed with Hillary.

He’ll do well in the Republican Party.