Trump to arrest Hillary, Obama, others at Bush’s funeral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believers in QAnon, the conspiracy theory that claims President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller are actually working together to uncover a global pedophile ring, are very excited by some of the developments they’re seeing at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

As the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer reports, many QAnon believers have marked December 5th as the day when Trump will begin conducting mass arrests of his political foes, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

While QAnon fans have marked December 5th — or “D5,” as they call it — on their calendars for days now, so far Trump has not slapped handcuffs on any of his enemies.

Nonetheless, notes Sommer, one eagle-eyed QAnon believer discovered that one of the buses taking people to Bush’s funeral on Wednesday had a “5” and a “D” plastered on its front window, which supposedly indicates that the president’s declaration of martial law is imminent.

“QAnon believers are convinced everyone on the bus will be arrested in Trump’s purge,” writes Sommer.

Other QAnon followers, meanwhile, found themselves feeling suspicious that former President George W. Bush handed something to former First Lady Michelle Obama just before the funeral began, which they interpreted to be a secret “Deep State” signal.

SweetJesus but these people are ignorant.  No doubt they are Trump supporters — only Trump supporters could be this goddam gullible, stupid, ignorant — no wonder they voted for him.

Two Trump supporters and Q-Anon followers . . . L to R: Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber.