99th District Tea Party: About us

Nothing to tell.

99th District Tea Party:  Defunct

Our next meeting:  No meetings.  No one to meet.

Our officers:  No officers.  No one wants to be associated with the Tea Party.

Our members:  No members.

Our Facebook page:  No posts since April 2015.

Our website:  This is it.  The 99th District Tea Party let their website go in mid-2016 and now it’s owned by an individual who definitely is NOT a Tea Partier.

Once upon a time from 2009 until late 2016, the 99th District Tea Party was a going concern.  Then, it all fell apart.  There are many reasons for the collapse of the 99DTP:

  1. Wacky leadership.  President Don Johnson was fixated on bullshit about Muslims, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Agenda 21 and every other loony conspiracy he heard of.
  2. Incompetent leadership.  Lyn Neira, Edgar Doleman, Gene Underwood — not one of them capable of arranging a one-horse parade.
  3. Discarded by their sugar daddy.  The 99DTP was not a “grassroots organization.”  The 99DTP and every other local Tea Party depended on guidance, speakers, media coverage, leadership and ideas from the Republican Party-controlled National Tea Party Alliance.  As soon as Republicans took over Congress and the White House, they no longer needed the local Tea Parties, so, the local Tea Parties were cut off and allowed to die.
  4. Their uncompromising stance on everygoddamthing.  In Northumberland County, Virginia, Tea Partiers also were members of the county Republican Party.  They turned out to Republican Party meetings in numbers sufficient to disrupt everything the Republicans tried to do — demanding “point of order,” attacking every move by the Party leadership, accusing the Party leaders of being “RINO’s” — Republicans In Name Only.  It got to the point that, at their 2012 Christmas Party, after dinner and speeches, the entire leadership of the County Republican Party stood up, resigned, and dissolved the Party.  They had sent all their money to the state Republican Party earlier in the day.  Then, the Republicans walked out, leaving the Tea Partiers holding an empty bag.

And that, folks, is the story of the 99th District Tea Party, whose domain and website now belong to me.



Montross Tea Party

There’s a similar situation in Westmoreland County, VA, north of the home area of the 99DTP, where the Montross Tea Party has all but dissolved.  Similar to the 99DTP, the MTP was a going concern — 20 or so active members; regular meetings; they sponsored patriotic events on the county courthouse lawn; vibrant Facebook page.

Now — nothing.  Their last meeting was in April 2017.  The next meeting will be called by the Board of Directors, although no one is quite certain who is the Board.  No Christmas Party.  Their last patriotic event was a Memorial Day recognition — very small attendance — they cancelled their Fourth of July observance.  Their Facebook page still has a comment added now and then.

The signs

Both the 99DTP and the MTP erected big ugly signs on roadsides throughout three counties.  The signs are constructed of 4X8 plywood, painted bright yellow, secured to 4X4 posts.  The slogans on the signs are typical Tea Party crap.  My favorite is one near the Food Lion in Heathsville that still proclaims “BENGHAZI!”

The 99DTP signs do have an announcement for their website — 99vateaparty.com.  Problem is, that is no longer their domain or site — it’s mine and you are now reading it.  Thanks to Edgar Doleman, the man in charge of the signs, for free advertising.

The one feeble sign erected by the MTP is along Highway 203 between Callao and Montross.  The last time I looked, it proclaimed something about “Vote for Margaret Ransone if you want to keep your guns.”  Goddam but these people are ignorant.



UPDATE:  JULY 29, 2018

The 99th District Tea Party was a registered business with the Virginia State Corporation Commission until at least 2015.  Just to be certain, I went to the VA SCC website page where you can enter a corporate/business name to see if it’s available.  The way the page works is simple:  Enter the name of a corporation or business you want to form and hit the SEARCH button.  If the name is taken, you are told so.  If the name is available, you get this message:


Your name:
99th District Tea Party
Core name:
Yes, this name is distinguishable on the records of the Commission at this time.

A proposed business entity name must be distinguishable upon the records of the Commission from the names of all active business entities, except general partnerships, and from names that have been designated, registered, or reserved for use by other persons.A result that a proposed name is distinguishable is not the equivalent of a determination that it is acceptable. For example, an acceptable proposed name must include an appropriate entity designator (e.g., “LLC”), if required, and may not include words and designations that imply the business entity will engage in a particular business activity, unless it will actually conduct such business (e.g., “bank”), or words that are prohibited by law.

A distinguishable business entity name remains available for use on a first come, first served basis. To reserve a distinguishable business entity name, see How can a business entity name be reserved for future use?


When the VA SCC says a name is “distinguishable on the records of the Commission,” that means the name is available — there is no other entity in Virginia with that name.

Yep, the old 99th District Tea Party is a goner.  Dead.  Defunct.  For all the reason listed above.

Here’s their SCC registration from back in the glory days.  Note the Dissolution Date:  30 April 2017.

Virginia’s 99th District Tea Party

Company Number
Term(Auto Ar/$) Corp No Report And/Or Fees
Incorporation Date
6 December 2011 (over 6 years ago)
Dissolution Date
30 April 2017
Company Type
Virginia (US)
Registered Address
  • PO BOX 414
  • 22482
  • VA
  • United States
Business Classification Text
Agent Name
Agent Address
Inactive Directors / Officers

Finally:  Do not forget this:

Nationwide, Tea Parties appeared about the same time Obama was elected and began rapidly to disappear when Obama left office.  That fact alone should tell you something about them.