Another Tea Party goes down the drain; RIP Montross Tea Party

Here’s an item posted in April 2017 on the Montross (Virginia) Tea Party website.

Come Join Us and Help us Reclaim our Liberties


Members and Friends of the Montross Tea Party,

Our Board of Directors have been concerned for sometime on the drop of attendance at our Regular Tuesday night meetings. Our last meeting the attendance was 6.  We understand that we have members that are out of town and others that do not drive after dark especially in the winter and others that are working hard and just can’t make the meetings.

It is getting hard to get speakers and not fair to get speakers for only 6-10 members.  We have asked for input from our members.  The only input we have received is from our lively open discussions at meetings.

We are not going to roll over and let the Montross Tea Party die!  But we need to do something.  After two Board Meetings and a long agonizing debate this is our solution for now.  We are going to suspend our Tuesday night meetings for the time being.  This is effective the 8th of February.  The Board can call regular meetings as necessary.

Our Plan is this:

  1. Continue with Monthly Board Meetings.  We will announce them so members that have an interest can attend the Board Meetings. We can also call special Board Meetings as necessary.
  1. Continue with our Standing Committees.
    • Event Committee – Board (we would like a Chairperson)
    • Highway Clean Up Committee – Vic Snell
    • Letter Writing Committee – Doc Dugan
    • Membership Contact Committee – Bill Horn
  2. We will have a meeting on April 7th as this is our Election of Officers as called for by our By-Laws.  We will appoint a Nominating Committee and will take nominations from the floor.
  3. We will continue with our Long Range Events.

·        Spring Gun Show Booth (If there is one)

·        Memorial Day Observance

·        Richmond County Fair

·        Constitution Day Observance

·        Montross Fall Festival and Parade

·        Lively/Montross 99th District Joint Christmas Party

We will also keep our email list and sending out Information as needed.  As the local elections heat up we may call meetings to meet the candidates.

The Montross Tea Party has made a favorable impact in the Northern Neck and enjoys a good reputation.  With your cooperation we can continue to do so.  Please be willing to volunteer when you receive an email for a call to action.

The Board encourages any input on our plan and suggestions.  We hope that we can get back to Regular Meetings with all your support.

Best regards,

Kathy Craig,

The April 7, 2017 meeting announced above was their last meeting.  The list of events which they wanted to attend or sponsor?  Never happened.

Here is a link to the page from which the above was copied.  Notice one of their issues is “Agenda 21.”  What a bunch of loons!!!  They even wrote a letter to local officials warning them about “Agenda 21.”  These people are nuts.

The Montross Tea Party is almost as dead as the 99th District Tea Party.  Here’s  a photo of the Montross Tea Party at their height.

And here they are now (late 2017).

All that’s left of the Montross Tea Party. Left to right, back row: Roger Meredith; Ray Dabney. Left to right, front row: Cindy Marsden; Dee Meredith; Bev and Bill Horn (they show up in photos with Republican candidates, nothing but handy props) RE: Roger and Ray: If you add their IQs together, the total might come up to room temperature

UPDATE:  July 2018

The Montross Tea Party held a Memorial Day ceremony on the lawn of the old courthouse in Montross.  A handful attended.  Unlike previous years, neither Rob Wittman, Margaret Ransone or Ryan McDougle attended.  Ditto for any county officials — no supervisors or sheriffs.  A few from the Sons of the American Revolution showed up in Revolutionary War uniforms, a handful of veterans, and that was it.  Total attendance was 13.

Meanwhile, in mid-July, a crowd of 40 people from Indivisible groups showed up on the old courthouse lawn to protest Wittman’s votes, Trump’s alliance with Russia, and, ICE detention of children.