Brilliant businessman Jared Kusher is $1.2 BILLION in debt and no way to pay for it

Kushner Companies, the family real estate business White House senior adviser Jared Kushner may or may not have relinquished control of when he joined the Trump administration, is facing a $1.2 billion debt payment due in 2019.

The Washington Post on Thursday reported the large debt, and drew connections between it and reported White House meetings between Kushner and investors who later gave Kushner Cos. hundreds of millions of dollars in loans.

Earlier this week, the Post revealed that at least four foreign countries considered Kushner easy to manipulate due to his debt. His security clearance was also downgraded from “top secret” to “secret” earlier this week as well, due primarily to his inability to pass background checks after renewing his clearance applications dozens of times to include foreign contacts.