Money laundering will bring down the Trump Freak Show

Manafort and Bank of Cypress, Russia, Turkey, et. al

Gates and Bank of Cypress et. al

So-Ho Properties, New York

Ivanka Trump failed hotel project in Azerbaijan

Ivanka Trump diamond shops

Never mind the political aspects of Trump family Russian contacts, denials and retractions, etc., what about the financial aspects?The public record evidence is clear of provable money laundering is clear. The MO’s are similar. The method is classic international money laundering.

Proof of treason, obstruction is tough. What with the state of mind and intent standards. Money laundering and related financial crimes. Not so much.

And so far those are the major publically know stories and general evidence.

What about Jared’s and Trump’s foreign bank loans…also used as the front end cash load for money laundering, perhaps?

Like, say, passing money through a no expenses barred built golf course and hotel in a remote Scotland coastal backwash that can not possibly return a profit? Like NEVER?

Seems the Trump family have a habit of obtaining huge loans for tons of money to build things requiring tons of money, but when the initial capital money is spent, as in washed through the construction…then Trump family does not give two fucks about the project itself except to milk it through no bid very generous management contracts.

A LOT of coincidences for any investigation to ignore, let alone be stopped, AND just as when what would have been meticulously concealed financial crimes become clear!

Even the limited view the public has to now seems compelling …you can see the connected threads on a macro level at least.

Maybe a similar fact evidence argument is available. And what other threads does Mueller see connected together in a complicated web of people, banks, corporations and politicians on the time line board pinned to his office wall….who knows?

And how does the public even know any of this? Not because of partisan Congressional probes being obstructed by Trump family allies, which likely would not even have been set up if not for Congress being compelled to call to appoint Special Counsel after the Comey firing.

To end an investigation because the investigation is investigating TOO well makes no sense…unless the investigation has found something on someone, someone with perhaps a huuuge ego, thought would never be found…, or at least could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But something has been found. Yes, it clearly has with two hog tied major witnesses, one a general witness often praised by the Prime Target. So, Beyond reasonable doubt or very very close.

So, in conclusion, Money laundering. Money laundering and related federal and state charges will be the charges, my prediction.

Russia treason can wait until the criminal charges of the highest officials of the land are resolved…see South America for how completely unpredictable this situation becomes.

There will be any rings. Mueller already has hammer in hand. What matter who drops it if it really is a hammer? Better strategy to try to discredit Thor than attempt to disarm him.

Just ask Flynn and Papadopoulos how strong the proof is.

Utah newspaper cites their own Senator Hatch for stunning “lack of integrity”

One of the most prominent newspapers in Utah mockingly named Republican Senator Orrin Hatch as “Utahn of the Year,” saying he deserved the honor for his stunning “lack of integrity.”

In a scathing Salt Lake Tribune editorial posted on Christmas Day, the editorial board claimed the longtime GOP senator had an extraordinary year — but not for any good reasons.

The editorial began by explaining that, traditionally, the honor goes to “the Utahn who, over the past 12 months, has done the most. Has made the most news. Has had the biggest impact. For good or for ill.”

In the case of Hatch, the paper filed him in the “Ill” column.

The choice of Hatch had “little to do with the fact that, after 42 years, he is the longest-serving Republican senator in U.S. history, that he has been a senator from Utah longer than three-fifths of the state’s population has been alive,” the paper explained.

“It has everything to do with recognizing: Hatch’s part in the dramatic dismantling of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments. His role as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee in passing a major overhaul of the nation’s tax code. His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power,” the piece ticked off.

“Each of these actions stands to impact the lives of every Utahn, now and for years to come. Whether those Utahns approve or disapprove of those actions has little consequence in this specific recognition. Only the breadth and depth of their significance matters,” it continued.

The paper then urged Hatch to finally step aside.

“Over the years, Hatch stared down a generation or two of highly qualified political leaders who were fully qualified to take his place, Hatch is now moving to run for another term — it would be his eighth — in the Senate. Once again, Hatch has moved to freeze the field to make it nigh unto impossible for any number of would-be senators to so much as mount a credible challenge. That’s not only not fair to all of those who were passed over. It is basically a theft from the Utah electorate,” the board wrote. “It would be good for Utah if Hatch, having finally caught the Great White Whale of tax reform, were to call it a career. If he doesn’t, the voters should end it for him.”

You can read the whole piece here.

The Trump-Russia Time Line

Bill Moyers has collected — and updates daily — a detailed timeline of Trump’s connections to and interactions with Russia.  You can find it at this link.

Here’s a listing and analysis of Trump’s financial dealings with Russia that details how Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Russians . . . Trump needed money. . . the Russians gave him the money and got their man.

A guide to Donald Trump’s huge debts and the conflicts they present.

Steve Bannon confirms Trump campaign colluded with Putin

After a year of denials from Team Trump, Steve Bannon has finally come right out and stated that Jared Kushner is guilty of collusion in an interview with Vanity Fair.  Politico reports:

“[Kushner was] taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared,” Bannon told the magazine’s Gabriel Sherman. “They were looking for the picture of Hillary Clinton taking the bag of cash from Putin.

The jig is up. This is a smoking gun revelation coming from Trump’s campaign director and senior strategist. You can’t really find a higher-ranking campaign official. And Chris Christie, another top guy, seems to back it up:

This week Christie said that Kushner “deserves the scrutiny” he’s been getting.

Also in the interview, Bannon had some juicy words about Ivanka. He called her “the queen of leaks”.

Democrats will challenge EVERY Republican in 2018 — and will defeat most of them

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing one of those Republican Congressmen who just opted to kiss the asses of the nation’s multi-millionaires at the expense of all the rest of us while gleefully running without any Democratic challenger to his (or her) House seat.  Fortunately, and as reported today in the New York Times, this year that is not going to happen:

Federal Election Commission filings show that if a wave crashes on the Republican House majority in November, as many have predicted, Democratic surfers will be on their boards to catch it. Nearly a year out from the election, Democratic candidates have filed in all but 20 House districts held by Republicans. By comparison, Democrats in 80 districts do not have a Republican opponent for their seat.

The Times article cites the experience of Republican Pete Sessions (R-TX) who won election in Dallas despite the fact that Hillary Clinton carried his district. He won because there was no Democratic challenger on the ballot. This year he has ten challengers vying for the chance to send him packing.

in 2018 Democrats are running not just in traditionally competitive districts, but buoyed by extraordinarily strong Democratic performance and unusually strong fundraising in virtually every special election held since the Trump Administration slithered into the Oval Office, they are running practically everywhere:

The Democrats are not just filing to run in districts where Mrs. Clinton performed well. They are also running for conservative seats that were uncontested in 2016 and where Republicans remain heavy favorites, in states like Texas, Arkansas and Nebraska.

Simply having the candidates running, of course, is not going to assure that they win, even with an especially irate and energized Democratic base eager to take out their fury on Donald Trump. The  Republicans do not have a small donor base of the type that fueled the campaigns of Jon Ossoff in Georgia and and Doug Jones in Alabama. Instead they have a few Billionaire donors who coldly and secretively dispense their largesse in million dollar increments thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court that equates dumping vast sums of money to distort our elections with the exercise of “free speech.”

And many of these races will simply end in losing efforts—that’s reality. But the fact that we already have a candidate—and in many cases, multiple candidates– poised for nearly every House contest in the country is an ominous sign for the Republican Party, as is the fact that the GOP can’t seem to muster many Republicans prepared to challenge a Democrat. Sara Dady, one of five Democrats running to unseat Adam Kinzinger in Illinois’ 16th District (Kinzinger ran opposed in 2016), typifies the thinking that is driving this surge of Democrats entering the fray:

“I started seeing changes to U.S. policy that concern me,” said Sara Dady, one of the candidates. “I’ve been practicing immigration law under three administrations. I have a client who has a green card. He did everything right. He was denied boarding. To me that is not the America I know and love.”

Trump and his Republican enablers provide new reasons on a daily basis for Americans who actually care about this country to be both enraged and inspired to do something about it.  As we have just seen, the GOP-controlled Congress will continue to work to harm Americans until it is kneecapped by the voting public.

All of us will have the opportunity to do that in eleven months. Donating here is one good way to start.

Hustler magazine cover

Melania Trump tweeted to her followers this Christmas selfie.


The fish-lips pout and sideways glance — suitable for the cover of Hustler Magazine.  For the First Lady of the US, not so much.  Once a ho’, always a ho’.

Earlier photos of Melania.



Yep.  Trash is trash.  You can dress ’em up, put ’em in the White House and they are still trash.

True story

During a lull in conversation at a White House dinner, Melania Trump leaned over to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and said,

“I bought Donald a parrot for his birthday. That bird is so smart, Donald has already taught him to say over two-hundred words!”

“Very impressive,” said Tillerson, “but you realize he just speaks the words. He doesn’t really understand what they all mean.”

“Oh, I know,” replied Melania, “but neither does the parrot.”

Wells-Fargo CEO admits the scam behind the Republican “tax reform”

The House of Representatives passed the final version of the GOP tax bill Tuesday, with the Senate to following close behind. Most Republican members of Congress are heralding the plan’s giant, permanent tax cut for corporations as the reason behind their support. The GOP argues that when corporations get a tax cut, they put that money toward creating more jobs and raising wages.

But history shows that just isn’t correct — and history may be about to repeat itself.

In an interview with CNN Money, Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan made it clear what he plans to do with the corporation’s tax windfall — and it doesn’t benefit the average American worker.

“Is it our goal to increase return to our shareholders and do we have an excess amount of capital? The answer to both is, yes,” Sloan told CNN Money. “So our expectation should be that we will continue to increase our dividend and our share buybacks next year and the year after that and the year after that.”

Read more:


Oleg Deripaska’s private jet — M-SAWO  — on December 22 flew Moscow-Miami — landed at Miami approximately 4am local time 12/23.

Dmitry Rybolovlev’s private jet — M-KATE — flew on December 22  San Jose, Costa Rica to Miami.

So as of December 23 we have Deripaska’s plane and Rybolovlev’s plane in Miami and Trump in Mar-a-Lago.

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska (Russian: Оле́г Влади́мирович Дерипа́ска; born January 2, 1968) is a Russian oligarch and philanthropist. He is the founder and owner of one of the largest Russian industrial groups Basic Element. He is the president of En+ Group and United Company Rusal, the second largest aluminum company in the world.  He also is a close associate of Vladimir Putin and Paul Manafort.

Dmitry Yevgenyevich Rybolovlev (Russian: Дмитрий Евгеньевич Рыболовлев; born 22 November 1966) is a Russian businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Rybolovlev owned the potash producer Uralkali.  He is noted for his 2008 purchase of a Palm Beach, FL, mansion for $95 million from Donald Trump.  Trump had paid $40 million for the mansion and was deeply in debt.  The profit on the mansion allowed Trump to pay off some of his debt.  Rybolovlev’s private jet also was seen during the 2016 US presidential campaign at several locations where Trump was campaigning.  As with all the Russian oligarch’s, Rybolovlev is closely tied to Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, according the boat traffic sites, the yacht “Sea Owl” — that belongs to Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon’s financier — is now in Palm Beach.