Rob Wittman does not represent the First Congressional District

Want to know who Rob Wittman represents?  Well, first thing you need to know is, HE DOES NOT REPRESENT YOU — unless, of course, you are a millionaire, then, he’s your best friend.

Check out how Rob Wittman spends his weekends in the fall:  Rob Wittman and the Sili Plantation in Caroline County.

Ever wonder why Wittman avoids meeting with constituents, holds sham town halls over the phone, and ignores everything we tell him?  It’s because we only contribute 9.2% of his campaign funding.  The remainder comes from special interests (49%) and deep-pocket (wealthy) contributors (42%) – the folks who tell him how to vote. (Source:, 2016 election cycle data.)  He has made about $2 million catering to special interests and wealthy power brokers.  And the wealthier he has gotten, the less he has accomplished, relative to other GOP lawmakers (Source:  He writes and passes fewer bills of any substance.  He now mostly works on extensions of current law, administrative red-tape bills (like the Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act of 2013) and meaningless fluff (like HR 404 which would have congratulated VIMS).


How Wittman has sold us out:

The American Health Care Act (AHCA):  Despite overwhelming opposition to this bill from all his constituents across the political spectrum (as acknowledged by his senior health care adviser), Wittman still voted “YES,” caving to the demands of Trump and party leaders.  Even worse, the version he voted for was far scarier than the one we know all his constituents hated.  It would have left us exposed to preexisting conditions discrimination and premiums as high as $150,000 per year for sick people!  We’ve documented it all.  This was an unquestionable dereliction of duty on the most important single issue before Congress this term.  This was the turning point, beyond which Wittman stopped fighting for his constituents.  Read about it here.

The healthcare issue isn’t going away.  Republicans weren’t able to kill Obamacare in 2017, but they’ll try again in 2019.  They’re also coming for your Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security!  Click/tap here to find out how Wittman doesn’t care what you think about it.

Wittman voted for the big tax overhaul, which gives the “One Percent” massive tax cuts (a total of 83% of all of the benefit), while offering almost no benefit to the 99% (especially considering the bill will result in a 10% health insurance premium hike).  By 2027, the majority of Americans will be paying higher taxes.  The tax give-away will saddle our children and grandchildren with $1.8 trillion in debt (about $12,748 per taxpayer).  However, as though that weren’t bad enough…

Wittman has cosponsored the “Fair Tax Act,” which would repeal the income, payroll, estate and gift taxes, and impose a 30% national sales tax (23 cents on every 77 cents spent).  This is just a trick to dramatically increase taxes on the poor and middle class, while dramatically cutting taxes on the rich – because poor and middle class people spend a much higher percentage of their income on taxable items than rich people.  The “Fair Tax” would cripple many rural First District families, who already struggle to stay afloat.  It would also disincentivize consumption, which would shrink our economy.

Wittman is a friend to big-energy, not the Chesapeake Bay:

  • Wittman is one of the key signatories of a letter urging Interior Sec. Zinke to open up the Continental Shelf off Virginia’s shores to oil exploration and production,  He says he supports this because it would create jobs and promote national security through energy independence.  However, the jobs would go to experienced roughnecks from Texas and Louisiana, not local farmers and watermen.  And the oil would be for export, which would deplete our reserves and actually hurt our national security.  Finally, offshore wells and rigs all leak, so it doesn’t take a BP-style oil platform disaster for oil/tar to pollute our waters and show up all over our shorelines.
  • Wittman voted for HR 1734, which weakened EPA oversight of coal fly ash disposal.  That’s how Dominion (one of his top campaign contributors) was able to dump its fly ash in the James River and pollute the Chesapeake Bay with toxic heavy metals.
  • Watermen depend on the health of our waters for their livelihood.  A polluted bay diminishes both the quantity and safety of the seafood harvest.  It also diminishes everyone’s enjoyment of the water and damages our tourism industry.  Wittman cares about big energy, not his constituents.

Wittman doesn’t “get” climate change.  In these parts, we know climate change is real.  We see it with our own eyes.  The storms are getting crazier, and low-lying ground in the eastern end of the district is flooding more and more.  Scientists tell us we can lessen its impact by lowering our carbon footprint.  We need a representative who will take this issue seriously, before large parts of our district become uninhabitable.

Wittman has been silent on white supremacy and racism:  Just after President Trump made racist remarks about “s**thole” countries” (the ones with majority black populations), white supremacists in his district leafleted Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Leesburg with racist propaganda on Martin Luther King day.  The KKK also distributed recruitment flyers just 20 miles from his home on April 14, 2018, and his local paper exercised questionable judgment in reprinting them, unredacted, on its front page,  It’s shameful that Rob has nothing to say about any of this.

Wittman wants to overhaul Medicare and Social Security.  Many of us stand to lose out on the benefits we’ve been accumulating for years and decades.  Cuts to these programs will be a GOP legislative priority in the House next year.  Cuts to these enormous programs will be used to offset the mammoth tax cuts given to the wealthy in the 2017 tax bill.