Rob Wittman, a regular at the Sili Plantation fox hunt

Is this the way you spend your weekends in the fall — at a lavish “hunt breakfast” at a Caroline County plantation, attended by wealthy people who give you money?  No?  Well, that’s what Wittman does.

Jeff Sili 1 by Cortez
Rob Wittman (L) and Jeff Sili (in the pink jacket) at the Sili Plantation hunt breakfast.


Jeff Sili 3 by Cortez
Is this where you spend your weekends in the fall? It’s where Wittman can be found.
Susan Sili 4
Rob Wittman’s hunt breakfast bar.


Susan Sili 7
Does this look like your breakfast? It’s Rob Wittman’s breakfast.

But wait!!  There’s more!!!

Susan Sili 8

Susan Sili 9





Susan Sili 10
Catered, of course.

And here’s the menu — of course, this is what we all have for breakfast — right?  Remember, this is what Rob Wittman enjoys, all paid for by wealthy people who give him money.

Orange Nog Punch
Tomato Cocktail
Coffee and English Tea
Fresh Baked Sweet Potato Muffins
Apple Bread Pudding
Bourbon Poached Pears
Fruit and Cheese Delight
Hunters Egg Casserole or Eggs Chasseur
Baked Virginia Ham with Country Biscuits
Butter and Preserves (your choice)

Remember — Rob Wittman claims to represent you in Congress.  Really?