Be careful what you pray for . . . you might get it

With all this posturing, ranting, and foaming at the mouth by Trump about his right to declare a national emergency and use Pentagon money to “build a wall,” it might be wise for you Trumpsters and MAGAts to pause a minute and consider.

If Trump establishes the precedent of declaring a national emergency . . .

It’s now 2022.  President Joe Biden — or President Elizabeth Warren, or Beto O’Rourke, or whatever Democrat beats Trump in 2020 is now President.

There’s a mass shooting — 20 killed at a school, or 30 shot to death at a concert, or some other huge gun-related killing.

The President declares a national emergency because of so many firearms loose on the streets and orders:

  • Ban on import, manufacture, sale or possession of any weapon with a magazine that holds more than four rounds.
  • If you own an AR-15 or similar weapon, you can turn it in for a $1,000 bounty.  After a year, you go to jail for possessing such a weapon.
  • And similar restrictions, all of which can be enforced because, remember, this is a national emergency.

Think about it.  Is this what you want?  And don’t say it won’t happen.