Donald Trump Jr. expects to be indicted. I’d call this a good start.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

First son Donald Trump Jr. reportedly “expects to be indicted” by Russia probe special counsel Robert Mueller and has been telling people close to him for months, a journalist said Friday, matching the accounts of other people in the political realm.

The matter came up when HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher asked The Atlantic reporter Natasha Bertrand, “Excluding [President] Trump, which family member is more likely to be in jeopardy, Don Jr. or Jared” Kushner?

“I think that Don Jr. is probably in more immediate jeopardy, just because of his congressional testimony,” Bertrand replied. “I mean, he has been telling his friends and associates that he expects to be indicted, and he’s been saying that for the last couple months.”

Bertrand continued: “I think his accounts about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016, his accounts about Trump Tower Moscow and how involved he was in that, could put him in some legal jeopardy there.” She also reminded the panel that “Mueller has shown no shyness about going after people for lying to Congress.”

I don’t have Natasha Bertrand’s sources but I agree with her prediction that Junior better have his toothbrush packed because he is almost certainly on Mueller’s list.

That will be the best day ever because you just know Trump Sr. will have an absolute meltdown on Twitter.

And when Mueller indicts Jared and Ivanka we will see Trump’s head explode.