Like father, like daughter: Ivanaka lies about the Trump Tower Moscow deal

Here’s why her story doesn’t hold up.

In an interview aired Friday, Ivanka Trump told ABC News that she knew “literally almost nothing” about her family’s secret pursuit of a deal to build a Trump-branded tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign. Her claim, however, is contradicted by various sources, including information released by special counsel Robert Mueller and emails cited in media reports, which indicate that the president’s eldest daughter was closely involved with the controversial project.

Much information on Ivanka’s involvement in the deal comes from President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, who was spearheading the Trump Tower-Moscow negotiations. Cohen, who has been sentenced to three years in prison, described his work on the project to prosecutors after he pleaded guilty last year to lying to Congress and campaign finance violations.

In a December memo describing Cohen’s cooperation, Mueller noted that Cohen had said that he “briefed family members” of Trump about the Moscow project. Those briefings clearly included Ivanka. She has acknowledged that in November 2015 she emailed Cohen to suggest he contact Dmitry Klokov, a Russian weightlifter who said he could help secure a meeting for Donald Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to help facilitate a Trump Tower-Moscow deal. According to Buzzfeed, which first reported these communications, Klokov told Cohen that he could broker a meeting with Trump and Putin to help secure the deal. (In the December memo on Cohen, Mueller said Klokov had offered to help the Trump campaign achieve “synergy on a government level” with Moscow.)

In late 2015, Ivanka also suggested an architect for the Moscow project in an email to Cohen, according to the Associated Press and other outlets. Under the preliminary deal, she received the right to have a spa under her name in the building. CNN last year reported that deal documents show that the Trump Organization, as part of an initial agreement, secured the option to “brand any or all portion of the spa or fitness facilities as ‘The Spa by Ivanka Trump’ or similar brand.” If the spa was named after her, Ivanka or her designee would be given sole power to approve “all interior design elements of the spa or fitness facilities.”


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But wait !!  There’s more !!!  Javanka (Jared and Ivanka) will REALLY be upset when this book hits the street.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump bracing for release of Vicky Ward book
By Richard Johnson

…“Kushner, Inc.: Greed, Ambition, Corruption” by Vicky Ward.

The book, subtitled “The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump,” due March 19 from St. Martin’s Press, will delve into the sordid case that got Jared’s father, real-estate developer Charles Kushner, a two-year prison sentence for witness tampering and other charges after Charles set a honey trap for his brother-in-law using a prostitute. ….

Ward, whose boyfriend Richard Cohen is a wealthy real-estate tycoon, was able to hire a team of investigative reporters from Newsweek after the magazine was raided by the Manhattan DA’s office last year and several staffers were fired and others quit or were let go. ….

The publisher touted the presidential power couple known as Javanka, saying: “They are entitled inheritors of the worst kind; their combination of ignorance, arrogance and an insatiable lust for power has caused havoc all over the world, and may threaten the democracy of the United States.”

…her last book, “The Liar’s Ball,” about the GM Building, which Trump once owned…

Trump called the 2014 book “very boring” and said, “She did a lousy job.”

Ward replied, “I don’t know how serious a literary critic Donald is.”

Harsher insults are on the horizon.