Let’s lay waste to Trump’s latest lie

At his rally in El Paso last night, Trump invented a new batch of lies.

During the campaign Trump told the goobers who showed up at his rallies that he would build a 2,000-mile-long, 30-foot-high wall along the US-Mexico border and Mexico would pay for it.  The screaming, shrieking goobers believed him.

Last night, speaking before a crowd of 6,500 (NOT 5,000 as he claimed) he said the wall has already been started and he introduced the slogan “Finish The Wall.”

This is a lie.  Not a misrepresentation but a LIE.  Bullshit.

During the Trump administration there has not been one inch of border wall built.  A few miles — less than 100 — has been repaired, old wall torn down and replaced, or upgraded but not an inch of new wall has been built.

Regardless, the Trump supporting goobers believe he started a wall and will finish it.