Meanwhile, Sarah Failin’ turns 55

Yesterday — Feb 11 — is Sarah “Grizzly Mother” Palin’s 55th birthday.  And she looks every bit of 55 — “rode hard and put away wet.”

You know it seems like just yesterday people were scrambling to figure out who in the hell she was after John McCain announced that she was his running mate in 2008.

After that campaign crashed and burned she produced one failure after another.

Her future as a politician was sabotaged by her own stupidity, books that revealed her true nature, and a family that produced one scandal after another.

Her career as a reality star fizzled out when she proved too boring to draw an audience.

Her Fox News career ended when it became obvious that her political acumen was as fake as the road kill wigs she stapled to her head.

In the end, she finds herself right back in the little town she so desperately tried to escape surrounded by the family that she abandoned repeatedly in her quest for fame and fortune.

I guess it just goes to prove that sometimes stories do have a happy ending.

Happy 55th birthday Sarah Palin, and may you get everything that you deserve.

Oh wait, you already did —

  • Only one of her five grandchildren was conceived with benefit of marriage.
  • Two of her three married children are divorced.
  • Her oldest son pings from jail to rehab to jail to rehab . . .
  • She no longer is invited for speaking engagements or anything else for that matter.