One characteristic of Very Stupid People . . .

One characteristic of Very Stupid People is — they don’t realize they are Very Stupid, so, they continue to do and say Very Stupid Things.

Donald Trump is a prime example.

Tuesday in a press conference, President Donald Trump came up with the idea of having a parade and fireworks on or around the Fourth of July holiday. He seemed incredibly pleased with himself for the ingenious idea he believes he created.

Trump is so goddam stupid he doesn’t recognize that there’s a HUGE fireworks show and several parades in Washington, DC, EVERY FOURTH OF JULY.

Here’s video of the 2017 fireworks and parade in DC.  Where was Trump?  Oh, I forgot — he was in Florida playing golf.


On her MSNBC show on the evening of Feb 12, Rachel Maddow pointed out:  “There is the Washington Monument on the National Mall,” she said showing video of the fireworks exploding behind the monument. “As the nation’s capital Fourth of July is a kind of a meta holiday, right? It’s a bigger deal there than everywhere else in the country — and it’s a pretty big deal everywhere in the country — but it’s the nation’s capital. Every Fourth of July there is a fireworks thing in D.C. And parade from downtown with, you know, bands and an Uncle Sam guy and the drum and all the rest of it.”

Meanwhile, there’s this:

“President Trump told reporters at the White House he is considering a new idea that has just occurred to him, a new idea for America which is that he is thinking over, he is considering that maybe from here on out there should be a parade and fireworks in Washington D.C. Every year on July 4th. How about that? He mused about this idea to reporters today.”

Trump told reporters in the cabinet room Tuesday, “We’re thinking about doing something that will perhaps become a tradition.” He then proceeded to propose fireworks on the holiday, “even in D.C.”