The biggest loser: TRUMP !!!!

Congress passed a spending bill that will keep the government open and that will NOT provide a penny for Trump’s loony wall.  The House voted 300-128, Senate vote was 82-16 — veto-proof votes.

Trump is now blustering about declaring a national emergency after which he will take money from various agencies, give it to the Dept of Defense the order the Army to build his wall.  In the first place, if he tries this, he will be breaking several laws — the Constitution allows only Congress (the House, to be specific) to appropriate money; for the Dept of Defense to engage in law enforcement in the US is a violation of the posse comitatus law.  In the second place, Congress will sue him in a heartbeat, thereby stopping his ridiculous emergency declaration.

Trump has lost.  Lost big time.  And this is only the beginning — he will spend the next two years being beaten like a red-headed stepchild by Congress, mainly by House Democrats.