All cranked up about “property rights” — except . . .

I recently discovered another rightwing, Tea Party linked organization, the Virginia Property Rights Coalition.  Their Facebook page is filled with complaints about property allegedly being seized by eminent domain followed by rants against “government violation of property rights.”

Meanwhile, we are confronted with the specter of Trump declaring a “national emergency” on the southern border AND USING THAT DECLARATION TO START SEIZING LAND ON WHICH TO BUILD HIS BORDER WALL.

In every single case of eminent domain cited by the “Virgnia Property Rights Coalition,” there is a valid need for the property to be converted from private use to public access.  In the case of Trump’s border wall, there is no pressing need for his emergency declaration and there certainly is no need for the federal government to seize property to support Trump.  Yet, the VPRC says not a single word about Trump’s use of “national emergency” to seize private property.  Why not?