Trump’s very, very bad two years is underway

Now that Democrats in the House of Representatives will conduct real Congressional oversight of the Trump Crime Cabal, this week marks the beginning of Trump’s very, very bad — and final — two years.

While Trump bashes Mueller, he really understands it’s the other investigations that will bring him down, down, down

President Donald Trump publicly rails against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of his 2016 campaign ties to Russia, but privately he’s more concerned about investigations of him and his children in New York.

Sources close to the president say Trump’s legal team is focused on matters under investigation in the Southern District of New York, and he’s asked his attorneys to stick around to face those battles after Mueller submits his report, reported The Daily Beast.

Mueller is reportedly close to submitting his report, but the president is bracing for legal woes he may face from U.S. Attorneys in the SDNY and lawsuits filed by attorneys general in New York, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

“Details about Trump and his family business could be laid bare for public scrutiny as Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and self-described fixer, heads to the Hill to testify this week,” The Daily Beast reported. “He is set to answer questions regarding Trump’s debts and payments, compliance with federal disclosure requirements, tax laws, campaign finance laws, and potentially fraudulent practices by the Trump foundation.”

Former New York attorney general Barbara Underwood sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation last year, alleging the charity functioned as a “checkbook” for its namesake’s business and political interests, and its board of directors — Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and his two sons Eric and Donald Jr. — remain under investigation despite the foundation’s dissolution in December.

Trump and his associates also face a deluge of congressional investigations of his real estate business, his tax returns, his dealings with Deutsche Bank and his appointment of former attorney general Matt Whitaker.

The president and his allies continue to describe the wide-ranging probes as politically motivated, even if they recognize the potential threats are real.

“I believe the Mueller investigation has always been a part of ‘the resistance,’ designed to stop the president’s agenda by any means necessary,” said Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign adviser who has been questioned in the Mueller probe.

He insisted the SDNY was also part of that political “resistance,” and Caputo said New York state authorities and the Democratic House majority were also going after the president so Mueller could end his investigation — but he admitted Trump needed additional help to face those battles.

“By my estimation, there will be a need for more attorneys,” Caputo said, “because I expect the investigations to double, if not triple.”

House Democrats start unwinding the Trump dirty money trail, beginning with DeutscheBank

House Democrats are going full speed ahead into an investigation into President Donald Trump’s businesses.

Politico reports that House Democrats are looking to probe the president’s relationship with Deutsche Bank, which has already been fined billions of dollars for facilitating Russian money laundering and which last year had its headquarters raided as part of a larger money laundering investigation.

The bank is now in Democrats’ cross hairs because for years it has been the only major bank willing to extend loans to the Trump Organization, which has raised suspicions that the president’s businesses might be vehicles for money laundering.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), for instance, said that investigating the “Trump money trail” must inevitably start with Deutsche Bank, as the Trump Organization is in debt to the bank for over $100 million.

“Last year, House Intelligence Committee Democrats outlined concerns they had about Deutsche Bank in a status report on the panel’s Russia investigation, which at that time was being run by Republicans,” Politico reports. “Among their questions: Did Trump’s financial exposure via Deutsche Bank or other loans represent a point of leverage that Russia could exploit? Did the Russian government try to court Trump and launder money through the Trump Organization?”

Read the full report here.

Meanwhile, Trump’s financial ties to Russia and to other criminals are well-documented.  Here and here and here . . . and that’s just a start.