There goes Trump’s Nobel prize

As expected, the Trump-Kim “summit” ended without an agreement of any kind.

Trump’s hopes of a Nobel prize have faded to nothing . . . as the likelihood of Trump winning the No-Bail prize increased dramatically.

Not only was it a failure, but The United States was played into dropping a full accounting of NK’s nuke program.

We came away with less than we showed up with.

There is no way to spin this.

This should be a major issue in 2020. Trump is incapable of conducting foreign policy. And he is surrounded by people who are just as incompetent.

Trump has flown halfway around the world twice for nothing.  Nothing.

It turns out that a guy who knows nothing about his job, is incapable of learning about his job, and doesn’t care about his job, is terrible at his job. Who could have predicted that?

Still, this is a bit confusing.  I thought North Korea is denuclearized, per this statement from last year.

“… this is complete denuclearization of North Korea, and it will be verified.” -President Trump June 12, 2018.