Just to be clear: No one is going away, Mr. Trump. Your circus is ending.

I’ll keep this short. In a rambling two hour speech this afternoon at a conservative conference, President Trump unleashed his latest broadside against Adam Schiff.

Trump called Adam’s work in Congress “bullschiff,” and gave Adam a new nickname: “Little Shifty Schiff.”

Clever, very clever, even brilliant.  Fifth graders everywhere must have been very impressed.

Here’s the truth: Congressman Schiff is not going anywhere.  He is not going to stop working to hold this president and his Administration accountable. No matter how many attacks come his way from Trump, his Congressional allies, his surrogates on Fox News, his lawyers or anyone else, Schiff is just getting cranked up.

Meanwhile, what do you bet there’s far more incriminating evidence in Trump’s college transcripts, financial records, loan applications, and tax returns than in Hillary’s emails (where there was no criminal activity at all).