Trump ignores intelligence about terrorist activities, is interested only in money

President Donald Trump has struggled with his intelligence briefings, according to several reports. Early on in his presidency, staff learned that Trump couldn’t follow along without pictures or graphics in the briefing. Briefers have been forced to reduce their reports to bullet points to keep his attention. As the administration wore on, Trump began skipping briefings altogether and opting for Fox News and “executive time” instead.

According to the New York Times, briefers have warned Trump about hacking from Russia and China to no avail. So, they are trying to frame intelligence information within the context of economics. To make matters worse, Trump isn’t much interested in reports of possible terror attacks.

“In an effort to accommodate President Trump, who has attacked them publicly as ‘naïve’ and in need of going ‘back to school,’ the nation’s intelligence agencies have revamped their presentations to focus on subjects their No. 1 customer wants to hear about — economics and trade,” The Times reported Sunday.

Intel officers have revealed that Trump doesn’t care much about the people being harmed. He cares about one major question: who is winning? To him, winning is about money or gaining a financial advantage.

“If Trump tailors it to his needs, that is fine and his prerogative,” The Times quoted career CIA official Douglas H. Wise, who worked as a former top deputy at the Defense Intelligence Agency. “However, if he suppresses intelligence through that tailoring, that is not helpful. He is no longer making informed decisions because he is making decisions based on information he could have had but didn’t have.”

Perhaps more frightening, Trump shows little interest in details about any potential terrorist attacks or spy work happening in the United States. The Times described it as “less interest,” which is concerning given the 2001 intelligence information that was ignored by former President George W. Bush.

Let’s hope that when the next terrorist attack occurs on US soil, we Democrats hang it around Trump’s neck then shove it up his fat, stupid ass.