Before you Trumpsters start declaring victory over Mueller, you need to read this. Then think about it.

BOOM!   The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York just hired Audrey Strauss — the attorney who beat Trump’s original fixer, Roy Cohn — to lead the investigation against Trump’s inner circle. This may explain why Mueller didn’t indict Don Jr. in D.C.  Remember  . . . the Southern District of New York – SDNY – is the US attorney with jurisdiction over Manhattan . . . which is where Trump lives and works.

Trumpsters are licking their lips, certain that Mueller did not charge Trump or anyone close to him with conspiracy.

Not so fast.

Let’s examine why Mueller brought no conspiracy charges.

Bringing conspiracy charges would not be a good use of time and money.  If Mueller took on the task of prosecuting Don Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort for the now-famous Trump Tower meeting, it would require extending his charter for at least two more years, for such a case would be fought all the way to the Supreme Court and back. This would greatly extend the cost of his mission and add fuel to fire for his critics. The Special Counsel is designed more as an investigative collaboration, rather than a prosecutorial one. So the idea of recreating an entire team to do the work done every day by any of our federal districts would not be expedient.

“Proper” plays a vital role. Since Mueller plays by the book, his primary directive would be for a case to be tried where the venue is “proper.” Ask yourself this simple question: “Where did the bulk of the Trump-Russia conspiracy take place?” and you have your answer: “New York City — Manhattan to be specific.” It would be silly for Mueller to prosecute Trump, Kushner and the rest of Team Treason in D.C. when the crime took place in New York.

Simply put, not issuing more indictments is smart (and, don’t forget, Mueller filed several sealed indictments at the US Federal Court in DC). If Mueller prosecuted Don Jr., Trump could pull the plug on Mueller’s charter and we’d litigate it in the courts until doomsday just to get the case back on track. But placing the venue in the purview of the Southern District of New York is a stroke of genius, safely away from Trump’s prying hands. It’s frugal because SDNY is budgeted for just such actions. It’s expedient because SDNY is fully staffed and ready to roll. The venue is proper and, it’s just plain smart.

So . . . don’t be surprised if  one day very soon the SDNY drops the hammer on Don Jr., Kushner, Manafort, et, al. This would be the perfect setup for Individual-1 to be revealed in Mueller’s report as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Trump-Russia conspiracy.