“Have you no shame?”

There is no longer any point in asking that question of Republicans, because they have answered it – loudly, clearly, and without hesitation. ”No, we have no shame.”

For decades, the GOP has done its best to weaken the middle-class, diminish voters’ rights, and ignore the populace, while enriching themselves. While touting their Christian principles, they have gutted programs that feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and care for the sick. While bragging about their “family values”, they have ignored the plight of American citizens who are working two or more jobs just to support those families, and have no hope of ever getting ahead.

And now there’s Trump – the lowest, most dishonest, most racist, most weak-minded, corrupt con-man imaginable – who the Republicans have not only wholeheartedly embraced, but have lied for, have covered-up for, and have enabled to the detriment of our nation, our citizenry, and the foundations of our democracy.

What the GOP has now openly – nay, proudly – exposed is the cruelty, the hypocrisy, and the total disregard for their country that was lurking behind their bumper-sticker rhetoric the whole time.

What we are left with right now is a Russian asset in the Oval Office, incompetent people in positions of power (i.e. a fox in charge of every henhouse), and a “president” who is as self-absorbed as he is unbearably stupid. What we are left with is so-called “Christians” who want to watch their fellow citizens die for lack of healthcare, and “family values” proponents who cheer separating traumatized children from their parents and putting them in cages.

And more to the point, what we are left with now is the incontrovertible fact that one of our two major political parties is more than willing to hand our country over to foreign influence, and have no problem covering-up the blatant crimes of their “president” as long as it serves not their country or their own constituents, but themselves.

We as a nation have lost our standing as a world leader. We have lost the trust of our allies, the respect of other nations, and being the shining example of how democracy works. We have lost our place as truth-tellers as our “president” spews his endless lies. We have lost our once-proud position of being a country built on diversity, and welcoming of those who would contribute to the fabric that makes us strong.

As the Republican “president” now seeks to overturn Obamacare – leaving millions of Americans without access to affordable healthcare – there can be no more compelling evidence that his party has no shame. They would rather see Americans die than speak up for their own constituents – they would rather ignore their own countrymen’s needs than oppose their dear leader’s efforts to remake America into a sanctuary for racists, bigots, and those who would undermine every principle this country was founded upon. They would rather line their own pockets than see a penny expended on assisting those who were stupid enough to elect them in the first place.

One can only wonder how low the Republicans will continue to sink – because every time we believe they’ve hit the bottom of the barrel, they sink lower.

When a political party operates without shame, that’s bad enough. But when they demonstrate that they are incapable of feeling shame, it’s time to recognize just how bereft of morals they are.