This is great!! Alex Jones visits a restaurant in Texas, goes off on crowd, is laughed out of the place.

The only people dumber than Alex Jones are the people who follow him.


Alex Jones, purveyor of stupid conspiracies and making money off even stupider people, thought he could tough guy his way through Lucy’s Fried Chicken in Austin, TX.  While Texas is unfortunately red, many places (most cities) are strongly Democratic, with Austin perhaps being the most so.
For whatever reason, Alex decided this was a good forum to start calling people “libtards” and other creative names while roaming the restaurant like a lost raccoon looking for scraps.  You may think this would’ve amounted to a fight or otherwise a strong verbal altercation, but no.  The patrons laughed at him, made jokes, videoed it from who knows how many phones, and ultimately watched him get escorted out by management.
No one in the restaurant took him seriously, most people just ignored him and kept eating, and those that did speak up made fun of him.
The whole sordid affair can be seen in the video.  Enjoy.  This is what Republicans are like these days.