The continuing mental decline of Trump

Watch as Trump says his father was born in Germany.

IN FACT . . . his father, Fred Trump, as born October 11, 1905, in NEW YORK CITY.

Trump’s mother:  Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

Born as Mary Anne MacLeod, 1912, in Tong, a small village in the Western Isles of Scotland.   At age 17, she immigrated to the United States and started working as a maid in New York.   She became a U.S. citizen in 1942.   Donald Trump has said that he “feels Scottish”.

Trump’s grandparents

In 1885, Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump,  emigrated from Kallstadt, Palatinate, to the United States at age 16.

Elizabeth Christ Trump

Donald Trump’s grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump,   was born in 1880 and died on June 6, 1966. She married Frederick Trump in 1902 and moved to the United States with him.