Trump LOVES coal!! More coal-fired power plants have closed in two years of Trump than in eight years of Obama.

The headline is correct:  More coal-fired power plants have closed in Trump’s first two years in office than closed in Obama’s eight years in office.

The culprit is NOT the EPA, environmentalists or socialists.  The culprit is economics — natural gas is 1/4 the cost of coal.  Solar and wind power are cheaper than natural gas and just as reliable.  Coal’s time is past.

Trump campaigned in coal country claiming to put miners back to work.  Never happened.  In fact, Trump knew nothing about coal.  If we dig deeper, we discover that Trump knows nothing about anything . . . he mouths words and phrases that he knows his audience will eat  up like dogs lapping their own vomit.

Maybe unemployed miners can sell their red Trump baseball caps for grocery money.