THIS is what Trump and the Tea Party have caused

Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said there are “several” threats made against him and his family from Trump supporters being investigated because of his criticisms of the president.

An unidentified man carrying a rifle scope had gone to three different Arizona locations associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in an attempt to find him, Flake told The Guardian in an interview released Wednesday.

“It was a man living out of his car. He told someone he had just attended a Trump rally,” Flake, a devout Mormon, told the outlet. He noted that the man arrived at another event two weeks ago.


Flake told the outlet that there are “several threats” against him, including ones that listed his children, their address and included “links to beheading videos.”


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Now, you say, how is it that Trump or the Tea Party led to threats against the life of a Senator who opposed Trump.

Trump has generated this kind of threat by his violent rhetoric — “kick him out,” “I’ll pay your legal fees if you rough him up,” “The press is the enemy of the people.”  And worse.

Tea Parties promoted violence with their insistence that Obama was illegitimate and that anyone who supported him is illegitimate and does not deserve to be heard.  I have personally been threatened by an individual with a Tea Party license plate (I live in Virginia), telling me “All you Democrats should be shot.”  He threatened to pull a gun from his truck and shoot me.

So, this, folks is the result of Trump and the Tea Party.