Two Trump supporters attack two high school students who were minding their own business

Two men (Dick and Keller) were recently arrested for assaulting two northwest Ohio high school students at a Waffle House in Bowling Green, Ohio.  These two teenagers (Hartford and Ramirez) had the nerve to try to have a meal at Waffle House while looking a bit too ethnic.

“As soon as we walked into the Waffle House, they started saying ‘here come the shitheads.’ And telling us how Trump was going to take care of us immigrants,” Hartford said.

Then they started calling Hartford the N-word, multiple times, he said.

As if the name calling wasn’t enough, the two men then physically attacked the two teenagers.

After they finished paying, the employee said Dick and Keller abruptly went over to Hartford and Ramirez’s table and began assaulting them. The employee stated again that the two victims did nothing to provoke the attack.

“As soon as he pays, he runs up and punches me in the face,” said Hartford, who goes to Liberty Benton High School. “It all came so fast. I was just getting hit and hit.”

Ramirez, who goes to Findlay High School, was also getting beat, he said. By time it was over, “he was drenched in blood,” Hartford said of his friend.

I hope that if convicted, these two “very fine people” Make America Great Again by serving time and then spending the next couple of decades paying off large civil judgements.  Or maybe the next people they attack will simply shoot the Trump-loving sonsofbitches.