Life in Trumpland . . .

When the well water here turned brown and started tasting salty, Heather Blevins’s parents hooked their property on Dead Man’s Curve into the municipal supply. It seemed like a blessing until new hazards emerged: Today, Blevins says, the tap water smells of bleach, occasionally takes on a urine-colored tinge, and leaves her 7- and 8-year-old children itching every time they take a bath.

“The way the water is now, I’d rather have well water,” said Blevins, 44, who keeps a constant eye on the county water district’s Facebook page to watch for pipe breaks and boil-water advisories. Blevins, who says her water rates rocketed recently from $19 to almost $40 a month, sets aside money from her $980 Social Security check for bottled drinking water and chemical-free baby wipes to keep her allergy-prone children clean.

“It shouldn’t be like that,” she said.

. . .

“It shouldn’t be like that,” she said.  Well, lady, you voted for Mitch McConnell and Trump.  President Obama proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure rebuilding plan that included repairing rural water systems.  Mitch McConnell — YOUR senator from Kentucky — killed the idea.  You made this bed, you lie in it.

Maybe one of these days the dumbass goobers who vote for Trump will wakethefuckup and realize:

  • There is not a black bogeyman coming to take away your guns.
  • No, the problem is not Mexicans or “illegal aliens.”
  • Public water supplies are “socialism.”  Maybe a little socialism is not a bad thing, you think?
  • Jesus will not save you.