Not a single person associated with Trump is honest. Not one.

Co-founder of “Students For Trump” arrested for impersonating an attorney

Tennessee man John Lambert was arrested for fraudulently posing as a Manhattan attorney and bilking people of thousands of dollars for his fake services.

It turns out that Lambert, who solicited legal work through the fake name “Eric Pope,” is the co-founder of Students For Trump.

Students For Trump, a campus conservative group, worked to get out the vote for President Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Its current chairman, Ryan Fournier, has pledged to do the same in 2020.

While Lambert headed up the group, he made multiple appearances on NBC News and Fox News, and appeared at an event with alt-right personality Milo Yiannopoulos.

NRA busted for giving Trump 9,259 times the legal limit

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) was sued in federal court on Tuesday for failing to enforce campaign finance laws against the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Giffords, the nonprofit organization founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) after she survived an assassination attempt, sued the FEC for allowing the NRA to violate campaign finance law — including to help Donald Trump.

The new lawsuit, reported by BuzzFeed court and justice reporter Zoe Tillman, mentions the word “Trump” thirty-five times.

“Plaintiff’s complaints demonstrate that the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) violated the Federal Election Campaign Act by using a complex network of shell corporations to unlawfully coordinate expenditures with the campaigns of at least seven candidates for federal office, thereby making millions of dollars of illegal, unreported, and excessive in-kind contributions, including up to $25 million in illegal contributions to now President Donald J. Trump,” the lawsuit charged.

The lawsuit attempted to explain the scale of the alleged campaign finance violation.

“The illegal contributions to the Trump campaign alone are up to 9,259 times the limit set by Congress. Yet the Commission has taken no action on Plaintiff’s complaints,” the lawsuit said. “In light of this unlawful and unreasonable delay, Plaintiff files this action to compel the FEC to comply with its statutory duty to act.”

DeutscheBank starts turning over Trump financial records to New York Attorney General

On Wednesday, Deutsche Bank has started the process of turning over President Donald Trump’s financial records, according to CNN.

“Deutsche Bank has begun the process of providing financial records to New York state’s attorney general in response to a subpoena for documents related to loans made to President Donald Trump and his business, according to a person familiar with the production,” the report said.

The move comes after the New York attorney general requested the information in March. According to Trump’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen, the president falsified financial information when applying for loans from the international bank. At the time, Trump had hoped to buy the NFL team the Buffalo Bills.

According to public records, Trump has borrowed at least $300 million from Deutsche Bank and it has prompted the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees to look into the complicated financial information of the self-described “billionaire.” A Washington Post report about Trump’s financial documents revealed the president heavily embellished his financial information, claiming Trump Tower was several stories taller and his winery was at least 100 acres larger. It’s unclear why the bank was willing to give loans based on obviously false information.

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