TeaPublicans trying to scam Virginia Democrats.

During the past week, several members of county Democratic parties in at least two Virginia counties received text messages asking if they would like to run for local office in their respective counties.
The message is signed by “David P” and is from phone number 434-226-7553.
According to the Executive Director of the Virginia Democratic Party the text message is a hoax and should be discarded.

Area code 434 is in south-central Virginia and includes the city of Lynchburg, home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.  To be fair, area code 434 also includes Charlottesville, home of Univ of Virginia.  Also to be fair, with the widespread practice of “spoofing,” the caller could be anywhere while using a “spoofing” application to make the call appear to be coming from area code 434.

Regardless, it’s just another cheap Republican trick.