Who will Republicans attack next?? Now that they have put pregnant women in jail . .

Passing laws that declare girls and women are not entitled to complete control of their bodies is a start, but the Republican endgame is not to outlaw planned abortions and other forms of birth control used by women. It’s not even to punish women – or certain groups of women – for being sexually active.

The endgame is no rights for women, because women’s rights are incompatible with an idea white supremacist society. The question is what’s their next move towards that goal?

I suppose I should pause here with an appeal: If your first impulse is to respond that Republicans won’t do anything else to women because it wouldn’t make sense or would be unpopular, please, please. Please. Spend those calories on something useful. Like striking yourself over the head with blunt instruments while crooning. Or standing upside down with your head in a bucket of piranha fish. Thank you.

Moving on.

I think an upsurge in fetal protection laws aimed at restricting women’s ability to work will come next.

Once a state has declared that it has to protect zygotes and that it has to strip women of their rights in order to do so, it’s a short step to declaring that there are some jobs a women can’t do because it might endanger the zygote. Better get a Don’t Bring Your Unborn Baby to Work law on the books and punish women who perform or apply for jobs the state has deemed dangerous to developing fetuses unless they produce proof that they can’t get pregnant. And dangerous to a fetus and proof of sterility will be defined bunch of fact-phobic misogynists who want women out of the workplace. Forcing women to provide proof that they’re unable to get pregnant in order to work will definitely be viewed as an added bonus rather than a regrettable necessity.

Such laws may penalize employers who don’t confirm the reproductive abilities of women, but more likely Republicans claim without a bit of irony that they’re reducing restrictions on the precious freedoms of corporations, including the ones that dump poisons into the water and air. And doing their part to increase the number of jobs.