Why is anyone shocked?

There’s no reason to be shocked by the extremists in Alabama who would force a girl raped by her father to bear his child. This is the holy war they’ve been waiting for. And this is the endgame that all religious zealots seek — the ability to control the most intimate, the most private decision a woman can ever face.

Since Jan. 22, 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled that restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional, the anti-abortion warriors have plotted for ways to upend it. And now, Donald Trump, of all people, has delivered their moment. They needed judges who share their view of America as a theocracy, in which their interpretation of God’s will supersedes all others.

White, conservative Republican men can finally decide for all women what God says their bodies. The 22 white Republican men in Alabama’s state Senate know better than any woman what God wants, and they’re ready to jail any doctor who defies them.