A challenge to Republicans

I know my challenge will fall on deaf ears.  I know I’m wasting my time.

Still, here’s the challenge.

I live on Virginia’s Northern Neck where I subscribe to all our local weekly newspapers.

Here’s the challenge:  Are any of you Republicans, Tea Partiers, conservatives, what-have-you fed up with Trump?  With his lies?  With his attacks on our fundamental institutions?  If so I DARE YOU TO WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITORS OF OUR LOCAL PAPERS, STATE AT THE OUTSET YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN, THEN, GO ON TO DENOUNCE TRUMP.

See?  I told you I was wasting my time.

You won’t do it.  You are cowards and weaklings.  You know that such wimps as John Huber and  Pat O’Brien will attack you if you dare whisper a word against Trump The Great.