Republican Party has now, officially, lost their minds

Republicans invariably rely on three issues to rile-up their voters: Christianity, guns, and abortion. And when they pulled the abortion issue out of their asses these past few weeks, it was a signal that two out of those three issues are no longer viable as vote-getters.

Playing the Christianity card is a tad difficult when the President you’re supporting is a thrice married, self-declared ‘pussy grabber’ who paid off mistresses in order to secure their silence – and who lied repeatedly about those payoffs, only to be exposed in the end.

In view of the rise in the number of school shootings, claiming to be the party that protects gun-owners doesn’t play well with anyone right now. That’s a given.

So that leaves the third option to use when you pound the podium – abortion. And the sudden resurgence of the argument over a woman’s right to choose can only mean one thing: there are no other options left to try and capture the traditional Republican voter.

I’m sure this tack looked good on the drawing board. “We can’t appeal to the gun nuts, and we can’t appeal to the holier-than-thou Christians. So let’s go full throttle on the anti-choice crowd, and hope for the best.”

The problem here is obvious. The majority of the country overwhelmingly believes that Roe v Wade is settled law, and have no desire to change it.  So, as a result,  the desperation of the Republican powers-that-be is on full display. Despite anti-choice being as unpopular as the bubonic plague, the GOP has dragged it out in a last-ditch effort to appeal to their voting base.

Of course, the ”But we want to protect the unborn!” message is considered ludicrous by people who know that the already-born are being denied the assistance that feeds them, educates them, and provides them affordable healthcare.

The Republican men who are suddenly enacting draconian laws that limit a woman’s right to choose are not doing so in response to their constituents demanding such legislation. They are doing it in response to their party’s desperation, their last hope of ginning-up support for a political agenda that relies on non-existent outrage.

When you are desperate enough to try to appeal to the minority of your base, you have confirmed the fact that you have no one else to appeal to, and nowhere else to go for political coverage. It is a sign that even you know that along with having to defy the law in order to defend the traitor you placed in the White House, the stench of your party’s flop-sweat is all-pervasive among the voting public.

If there is anyone left among the Republican Party wise old white men who think you can rally your voting base around the banner of restricting women’s rights, you might want to think that through – in the same way you should have thought it through before putting a treasonous, lying, corrupt fucking idiot in the White House to begin with.

You can rant and rail all you want about saving the unborn. But as long as you’re the party that locks immigrant children in cages, ‘loses’ said children, and can’t explain the deaths of said children, your rants fall on deaf ears.

Watching your slow-but-sure demise is beyond satisfying, GOP – and your latest oh-so-obvious desperation is just icing on what was already shaping up to be a truly delicious cake.