Pelosi wins!!!!

Pelosi and Schumer went to the White House for a meeting with the 6-year-old posing as President.  He spoke for three minutes, pitched a fit, walked out on them, went to the Rose Garden and started shrieking about collusion or something.

Pelosi wins again!!  She controls Trump!!!

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin reported details of Trump’s short meeting with Democrats following the president’s Rose Garden remarks.

“Two Democratic sources with knowledge of the meeting between President Trump and Democrats — again, this was a meeting set to talk about infrastructure,” Melvin reported.

“President Trump walked in and said I’m for infrastructure, trade and the farm bill and I want to do all of it,” the Democratic sources told MSNBC. “But I just heard Pelosi say horrible things. She said I’m involved in a cover up. [Democrats] had a meeting at 9 a.m. on this issue and it’s so inconsiderate.”

“You need to get all of your investigations over before we talk about anything else,” the staffers said, summarizing the president’s remarks. “The president — quote — pouted for a few more minutes and then walked away.It was exactly what he did in the shutdown meeting when he walked out.”